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Location: Illinois
Gender: Female
Born: 1966
Interests: All genres of music, writing, composition
Member: Standard
Joined: October 2015
Feel free to check out my website for music and photography!
Dreams are only dreams unless YOU are willing to make them reality.
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Instrumentalist66: I wrote a song last night. Thank you to everyone here for giving me inspiration! I have a CD to release in January and I have 6 songs left to write before mid November...and it might be by the end of this month!! Pressure...
October 22 at 9:13AM

Instrumentalist66: For those whose music I review - again, I do not review a song based on artistic intent as that can NEVER be wrong. A song is a message from an artist and as such, it is what it is. But, as I've read that many people on the site wish to make money off of their music - further their careers, well, I review as if I were going to sell your song. As a label, could I sell it and what would I need to fix to make it sellable. I, too, am a songwriter/composer and have to look at all of my music like that when I put together a CD to be sold to the public or for film or for a commercial, whatever. I've had many contracts throughout my music career and I've placed music in several corporate videos. I'm not trying to make anyone mad, but I am trying to help you get better. I am sorry if I offend someone, as that is not my intent, but I am here to learn too and I would hope that my songs would be reviewed with an honest ear. Thanks.
October 21 at 7:59PM

Instrumentalist66: Great...Since we've had no heat in the house for weeks, I now have a cold. :(
October 21 at 9:58AM

Instrumentalist66: I'm finding this site to be a much needed stress relief and a great way for me to work on my craft. Thanks to those who set it up and thanks to all those who are using it. I sure do appreciate it! :)
October 20 at 3:49PM

Instrumentalist66: I'm seeing the end of some construction here, so I may be able to get back to some writing/composing. I'll actually post up some major works in progress - mistakes and all - for some real feedback in the next couple weeks. The ones I've posted to this point are pretty much set or dang close. The new ones will be horrible, but at least I'll get great feedback!!!! lol
October 16 at 7:39PM

Instrumentalist66: Wow! First impressions make a BIG impact on me, I'll be honest, but I can take things the wrong way. I am only human. BUT, is it me or is customer service on this site not great?
October 16 at 10:55AM

Instrumentalist66: One of the things I have learned over the last 16 years is that feedback of all types is very important. Good, bad, indifferent. Every person has different experiences and hears music differently so all of that plays a part in how they interpret the song you wrote. You have to take each opinion in the context of how it's given to the best of your ability. When I am writing a song, as most of the parts are me, I can get too close to it and not hear some very basic mistakes or ideas which can help to enhance the song. That is one reason I never mix and master my own material and why I like to have other ears and thoughts shot my way. Sometimes the smallest thing can mean a huge improvement. Sometimes it doesn't matter at all. It's up to you to decide. In the end, it's your song. It's your statement.
October 15 at 9:08AM

Instrumentalist66: Hmmm.... Says I can't review any more songs. :(
October 14 at 1:26PM

Instrumentalist66: My thought this morning; when I'm reviewing, I listen to the song several times...up to 7 but always at least 3. It's way easier to review songs with the lyrics written down vs. having to fight the music for hearing them. So, please forgive me in advance if I misunderstand something or miss something altogether. I am trying... ;)
October 14 at 10:56AM

Instrumentalist66: I want to clarify a little for those who are interested about me. I have been writing and recording for the past sixteen years, have over a thousand radio stations playing the music and I can honestly say I make enough money in sales and performances, royalties to support my glorified hobby. I've done it all on my own with little to no help from any big players. Thus, I take my music very seriously. I am here to grow as an artist and to help others grow and accomplish their dreams. I hope I can do that here with all of you! Have a wonderful day all!!! Write on!!!
October 13 at 11:56AM

Instrumentalist66: Needing some inspiration as we are remodeling our house and my studio/office is down and I cannot work on the new album. :(
October 12 at 10:15PM

Instrumentalist66: Hello, everyone!

My name is Vicki Logan and I am an instrumental composer of, what I like to call, cinematic, electronic music in whatever genre decides to come out that day. As I don't actually write (pen and paper) the music, I play the parts live using a pro-tools set up and begin layering. I "push the button", as I tell people, and hope I get the part right the first few hundred times or on I continue to play until I do. I don't understand written music, thus it's all "black and white keys" to me.

When a song is finally "finished", I send it off to a friend of mine to mix and master. My instruments include keyboards, flute, Native American flutes and whatever other flutes/woodwinds I can get my hands on. I don't play the type of music with them as to what might be expected, which is what I like about what I do. Thus, I don't confine myself to the stereotypic "box". The songs I will be putting up here, though, are going to be more of the commercial types as these are the ones I hope to accomplish something with down the road.

When I review songs, I will write what I feel about them based on the commerciality of the song vs. the artistic part of it. Music is an expression of the artist and as such, that expression can never be wrong BUT, there is this thing out there called the "music business", so that is what I will offer feedback on. What I write will be my honest opinion and nothing more. You can take it or leave it. If I don't like your song, there are probably 3000 other people who would. Again, it's only MY personal opinion based on my experiences and nothing more.

If you want to check me out, feel free to do so at my website. You can even send me nasty notes if I tick you off with my review THAT much. :)
October 9 at 10:18PM


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