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Location: Norway
Gender: Female
Born: 1968
Interests: Music
Member: Standard
Joined: October 2015
We are a couple from Norway who loves to create music
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Kakalaki Kid
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Kakalaki Kid
Loyd C. Taylor, Sr.
Kerri Powles
2USband: Thank you Akademia for a great gala :)
May 2 at 8:29AM

2USband: ?January 2016 Winner of Best song pop rock/country
with the song :SEDUCE ME
'Steamrolling out of the gates, this power pop country song rides a bluesy, and melodic rock score to deliver its exceptional message of unrequited love.' it is a great honor for us to win Best Song in January. we look forward to the gala in April :D?
March 11 at 5:48AM

2USband: We wish you all a merry christmas <3 :)
December 24 at 3:13PM

2USband: Hello world. Hope all is well :-) We're heading towards christmas again, and on behalf of myself and the misses, we just want to wish you all a peaceful and most musical celebration :-D

Blessings from
Atle & Heidi
December 9 at 11:21AM

FanMusic wrote to 2USband: Congratulations! Yesterday won the contest "Vocal Music Contest"
October 19 at 12:13AM
    Kerri Powles: Congratulations my new found friends! Much deserved win with 'Yesterday'. This was a very beautiful song. Well done you :)
    October 19 at 1:16AM
    2USband: Thank you so much Kerri:)) It was kind of surprise to us when we woke up this morning lol We added this melody just before the deadline, this is so cool :)
    October 19 at 12:28PM
    2USband: Thank you so much :-)
    October 23 at 9:58AM
    2USband: Thank you, DjCrookedLetter :-) :-)
    November 12 at 12:35AM
    Noah_Ohne: Congratulations to my friends in 2USband. THis is a well deserved win for them and I would like to extend my congratulations and vote of thanks for sharing their music here.

    Best Wishes,

    Noah Ohne
    November 14 at 7:08PM
    2USband: Thank you so much for the kind words about our music, Noah :-) It was for sure a great moment for us to take home the 1'st place in this contest. Cheers.
    November 16 at 5:38AM

2USband: Hello world, and happy weekend to you all :-) It will not be long before we have a couple of new melodies to share, so stay tuned. We are so happy to be here on this site. So many great musicians with different stories to tell. Keep up the good work everyone :)
October 9 at 4:17PM
    Lee Showman: Have a listen to Shwman's Showband on Souncloud
    November 9 at 7:24PM
    2USband: Ok. Will do.
    November 12 at 12:35AM


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Love and hate finished second in the contest "Rock Music Contest"
August 12 at 12:13AM
Everytime finished second in the contest "R&B Music Contest"
April 16 at 12:13AM
Immortal Love finished third in the contest "Love Song Music Contest"
October 26 at 12:13AM
Yesterday won the contest "Vocal Music Contest"
October 19 at 12:13AM

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