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Pacific Sunshine Band
Location: samoa
Gender: Male
Born: 29-04-1957
Interests: music-.universe-possitive creations
Member: Standard
Joined: September 2015
when God is on your site,no questions asked
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Pacific Sunshine Band: Hi my name is Ramey Olav Duijser ,founder/ songwriter /lead-singer /guitarist, of the Pacific Sunshine Band .I am born in the Netherlands and i Samoa since 1999.i left Holland in 1997 ..i left to Australia started a new life and started playing in a 3 mans band then i got some heart problems a heart attach so i left to Samoa for a holiday, i met a local lady n fell in love n married the same year ,here in Samoa.i got 2 sons and 1 daughter born out of this marriage we, divorced in the year 2008 here in Samoa
all my life i do music, my father and mother my sisters n other members of the family are all musicians and /ore play in bands.for me my music and my songwriting became better here in Samoa we are busy to start up recording another 10 songs from the 24 songs i wrote , the last 3/4years we have to be patient a while,because we are waiting for some equipment to arrive to make our studio running again.
here in Samoa i teach n help some kids with the music.i teach especially kids,and want to help the really talented kids , to go up with their music talents further i play some music here and there.its all good i make some little financial income and i survive.

so,maybe my music can help u,move the obstacles you are trying to go around.or even offer you a different opinion, on the things that's goin on in your life,or something you are facing
I don't have all the answers,and I know,not every time I will be right,but I give you,the struggle,and the pain,and the good of my life.

there are no lies,ore story-fillers,i give u my experiences of my life,maybe you find some answers you are looking for,and again,maybe not.
Anyway get the answers,just listen,and if you don't find the answers,just keep searching and listening to the songs that so many songwriters have received from Almighty God.

And don't worry you will find the answers you looking for,if not so,just be quiet n listen with in yourself, and you will find what u looking for,
And for what ever you stand for in this live,never give up.

with blessings love and respect,
Ramey Olav Duijser
Pacific Sunshine Band
September 22 at 7:49PM


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