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Location: Bethlehem, PA
Gender: Male
Interests: Music
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Joined: August 2015
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Kakalaki Kid
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Kakalaki Kid
thehitman: seriously? this site just refused to publish a song because it said i had to refrain from using the word a$$. the name of the song is: Glass Water, Falls. and yet, it's telling me i can't use the name. REALLY??
August 24 at 5:43PM
    Kerri Powles: Yep, that's happened to me a few times, I believe the first time was when I posted a piece called 'The Grasshopper Waltz'. I ended up having to substite the 'a' for a @ (that worked) Annoying though isn't it?
    August 25 at 2:18AM
    thehitman: i didn't think of that, but that a good idea. i just put spaces between the letters like this: G l a s s W a t e r, F a l l s. but still, come on this is a serious flaw. especially if you have a song about donkeys. just sayin..
    August 25 at 2:48PM
    Kakalaki Kid: Completely and totally ludicrous. This is just another example of the FANMUSIC promise. You got loathe it.. Oops love it..LOL cheers mate & hey Kerri.. P.S. you guys would be awesome on a collabo..but that's just me, I love unexpected uniqueness, in the form of music. The beauty of a masterpiece is only hindered by the limitations of the conceptual construct known as the artist. Let's build something NEW.. Who cares what they think..I'M LISTENING AND ALL WHO FOLLOW ME ARE LISTENING> And we love you guys, but we won't waste a vote here. I'm here but I refer NOOO ONE ELSE> But I can't wait to hear you guys cut loose. Really cut loose, no boundaries. So I say get free and get funky..I love you guys.. Musically and spiritually. You two have been a true insight into the sadness of the wasted talent here in the wasteland..LOL :) Cheers mates and loves..
    August 25 at 4:39PM


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