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Location: In the desert
Gender: Male
Born: Arrived
Interests: Family, music, computers, guitars, synth's..
Member: Standard
Joined: August 2015
John (aka Noah Ohne) hails from the Midwest. A native Chicagoan, with a vast background in musical styles and approaches, does not want to be "bagged and tagged" as it were. His various musical efforts touch on a variety of styles which are assimilated into something interestingly different.

John plays guitars (acoustic and electric),bass,keyboards and a number of other sundry instruments that contribute to his sound. A long time pursuit has been to totally produce his music without compromise. Utilizing his extensive computer background, knowledge of musical equipment and M.I.D.I. John built himself a dedicated system that provides not only the flexibility to create in any genre required for the task at hand, but also lends itself to adding an infinite variety of personalities to each track.

Check out what he does for yourself and see if you agree.
A mind is like a parachute, it doesn't work if it's not open. ~ Frank Zappa
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Noah_Ohne: Please check out my content at
September 18 at 6:41AM

Noah_Ohne: Yeah I know, it's been a while since I posted anything here. So, here's a little bit of some of my newest material. Part of the delay is waiting to obtain copyrights. So now that I have them, tell me what you think of "You Don't See Me Edit #3. Why an edit? Because I never post the full production version :-)


Noah Ohne
April 23 at 12:16AM

Noah_Ohne: Congratulations to all of the other of the top 5 winners of 2016. It was an interesting year here on Fanmusic for me.

Thanks to everyone.

Noah Ohne
January 4 at 3:29PM
    Scott Harvey: Congratulations to you! I really enjoyed listening to your "challenging" music. I look forward to much more.
    January 14 at 11:08PM

Noah_Ohne: Merry Christmas (May We Keep It Well)

As I sit here listening to the final mix of the music for this song, I realize that I am approaching the most drudgerous part of the creation process (for me anyway).Singing has never been one of my strong suites and I hate doing it, even for my own recordings. But, some things have to be done regardless of how unappealing they may seem.

However, the theme for this song is particularly appealing to me. Christmas was always my favorite holiday and although I must admit, when I was a kid the major appeal was the presents, lights, food, etc. Although all of the traditional regalia that many associate with having a "good" Christmas are great, it has little to do with the real reason why the day is important. This aspect, I attribute to commercialism and the efforts of retailers.

This song hopefully will provoke some thought about the real reason for the celebration and bring a new meaning to this year's festivities and also why it is important for not allow any entities to take Christ out of the equation.


Noah Ohne
December 1 at 10:26AM

Noah_Ohne: Hang On

This song was written for all of the lost souls; those that feel like life has little meaning and little left to offer. Just hang in there and look towards the only solution available to any of us. This song is intended as an offer that there is hope. So hopefully, for those in seemingly insoluble difficulties, a ray of hope can be found in the lyrics of this song.
November 13 at 1:01PM

Noah_Ohne: I'm a huge fan of science fiction, and the other day I was watching the classic "The Time Machine". As the movie progressed, I started thinking (and more often than not my wife says this is a bad thing); but anyhow, I started thinking that government and religion are much like the Moorlocks. The blood thirsty and power hungry that themselves lack self-control; but need to impose it on everyone else.

And then to my dismay, the realization occurred that "we the people" must then be the Eloy.

Think about it!

And now, on to Constantine. The Bible, as we (in general) know it, is the product of Constantine and his "council". Firstly, due to the circumstances, which I interpreted was a deposed emperor that "by any means possible" wanted his control back; the seat of power, of godliness (note the lower case "g"), and, not that of a man inspired to follow a God that opposed the power of the seat of Rome. And that BS about his revelation of a cross in the sky, was another painted flaw in history. The nature of man has not changed regardless of the man.

As all governments desire even to this day, control of the population was key to his success. However, by that time the people believed in one God. In order to put the godliness back in the seat of Rome, Constantine convened a group of so called "religious leaders" to assemble books that THEY thought accurately depicted the origins and hierarchy of man (from a purely Roman perspective of course). Do you think this was done without the bias of a high level political figure? Look at the one's we have today for an example. Government is still government. And since the U.S. government was patterned after old Rome you should know where this is going by now.

The Bible as we know it was assembled as a control document, nothing more. It is incomplete (errors of Constantine?s council). The parts were omitted that put man on a one to one relationship with God. The proof is in the references in the Bible to Biblical books that do not exist in the popularly formatted book. Instances such as The Book Of Jashur, or references to Enoch but never any detail about who Enoch is except for the genealogical reference. Or the inconsistencies between the description of Jesus in the biblical text and the fake ass blond haired blue eyes idols that you find in most churches. Jesus, if you believe was a Nazarene, a Jew, and in that time they were neither blond haired or blue eyed. I doubt that GOD would have inspired an incomplete document, so man must be responsible for any omission, inconsistencies, and errors in translation and/or corruptions of meaning.

Today, if the government attempted to suppress literature of any kind (as is still being done) what would be your reaction? Outrage? A general pissed offness? Would you rebel? Save the sacred documents so valued by your tradition?

My supposition is that Constantine, regardless of how our lying history painted him, was a criminal; a terrorist of the highest order, a suppressor of knowledge and an oppressor of people.

Sounds like criminal activity to me! Today we hunt those people.
September 25 at 5:13PM

FanMusic wrote to Noah_Ohne: Congratulations! Roswell won the contest "Rock Music Contest"
August 12 at 12:13AM
    Scott Harvey: Great song! Congratulations!
    August 12 at 11:15PM
    Noah_Ohne: I want to thank everyone that supported Roswell in the Rock Music Contest. It means a lot to have received first place recognition for this song.


    John (aka Noah Ohne)
    August 13 at 8:56AM
    songwriter47: Hi!

    Congratulations on winning the Rock Music contest. That's a great song!
    August 13 at 10:52PM
    Noah_Ohne: Thank you very much.
    August 28 at 12:00PM
    akkrys123: Congratulations Noah!
    October 30 at 5:49PM
    Noah_Ohne: Thank you very much Alex.
    November 12 at 3:47AM

FanMusic wrote to Noah_Ohne: Congratulations! In The Time You Spent With Me won the contest "R&B Music Contest"
April 16 at 12:13AM
    Kerri Powles: Many congratulations on your win Noah. Very well deserved :)
    April 16 at 1:22AM
    Noah_Ohne: I want to offer a warm thank to everyone that made it possible for me to win the R&B Music contest. Your comments, critiques and likes are all very much appreciated.

    Noah Ohne
    April 22 at 2:29AM
    datka98: Congratulations Noah_Ohne
    May 4 at 6:00AM
    Noah_Ohne: Thank you all very much. :-)
    July 11 at 4:24PM
    2USband: Congrats Noah_Ohne :) well deserved :)
    July 18 at 3:36PM

Noah_Ohne: I have learned that avoiding any aspect of music or being afraid of treading new ground is one of the first steps towards defeat. Music is an exploration; and where ever that exploratory sense leads is fair ground. The only thing to be concerned with is falling stagnant due to a lack of creativity that stems from a fear of new territory. Nuff said!!
April 14 at 9:10PM

Noah_Ohne: A friend and I were recently involved in a discussion on music and the relevance of its popularity based on its complexity. I am at heart, a minimalist. I do not believe that music necessarily has to be complex to be good, entertaining or enjoyable. However I do strive for all parts combined creating something that is musically challenging, that I feel adequately represent me, and is hopefully palatable to the listener.

"Till The End" is an example of what I consider somewhat minimalist in nature (for me anyway), but hopefully entertaining. The story is one that many may relate to, however it holds particular significance to me. This one is presented with least amount of music possible (at least for me), so as not to distract the listener from story.

For those of you who expected more; Please excuse graciously, my simplicity and lack of instrumentation on this one.

I hope you enjoy. Cheers!

Noah Ohne
January 22 at 8:58PM

Noah_Ohne: 12:53 AM Friday (Condition Red)

This is intended as a purely satirical effort. Although the perspective is a somewhat cynical view of current events in the world as of today; and may seem political; there is no social or political intent, or meaning to the lyrics other than humor! So suck it up and have a laugh, right down to the elusive double entendre in verse 6.
January 14 at 5:43PM

Noah_Ohne: I can affect change by transforming the only things that I ever had control over in the first place and that is myself! ~Deepak Chopra
January 5 at 11:01PM

Noah_Ohne: I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas season. Best wishes to all!!!

John Knight
December 20 at 8:34PM

Noah_Ohne: I am from a time when in the first few seconds of hearing a new track.... you could tell who it was and there was a thing called INDIVIDUALISM.

I realize that INDIVIDUALISM may be a new and difficult concept for some, however, when you discover it... you will find the real YOU!

As an artist, forget what everyone else is doing especially when it's not YOU, or don't really feel it and you end up just following the crowd, trend or fad.

The real you may be a great and wonderful thing, but if you are stuck in the coloration of trend or what's popular, then you are a traitor to yourself and the artistic world. Nuff said!

John Knight
December 4 at 3:09PM

Noah_Ohne: Hello,

I am Noah Ohne, and I am introducing another effort that "we" have created. This is an intro, to what, is the question? Although I am not at liberty to divulge that at this time, you will find out shortly! But briefly, this is an instrumental track inspired by my alter ego, John.

He's a rather ancient fellow, having spent most of his life as an IBM mainframe jockey; he has now discovered his true purpose in life; to do this, with me! John no longer practices the witchery of binary and has substituted that need, with a staff. Actually, multiple staff's, but that's rather irrelevant.

This song is about the rather Jurassic nature of my alter ego, since technology seems to have abandoned him and he has become somewhat of a dinosaur in the world of mainframes, but that is their loss and our gain.

So without further delay, this is Jurassic John, and the Crystal Brain. "We" hope you enjoy.
November 15 at 9:52PM

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August 12 at 12:13AM
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August 7 at 12:13AM
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April 16 at 12:13AM
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January 1 at 12:13AM

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