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Kakalaki Kid
Location: US
Gender: Male
Born: UK
Interests: Family, knowledge and artistic freedom
Member: Standard
Joined: June 2015
Founder of The Blue Tie CancerCare Center, Sir'prize Records, The Rocking Dead, Project Save Souls, Solaat Slogans, 2G Kuntree, Redemption Reckards, 2000
Geez Inc, Dragon Donz, Madd HaVon Productions, Duece Triple Omigos, Seductive Thugs, Nutty Ni**az, The Flawless Boyz, The South run the S'alf Campaign, Legacy, B4I Die Novels, Yung Blis Novels {book lovers imagination station}, The SMS Project, Kancer Kings Poetry Power, Gentile ( the gentlemen's Etiquette school & certificate for males & females alike, Lyrical Resurrection: The Crucifixion, 1st Documented EJ, The Madd HaVon Dj's, 4 Coastal 2000 GZ and much much more. Master of many untold hits, the mastermind behind several known artist, industry writer and industry COPIED!! 31 years of musical experience and 31 years on a stage of some kind..and yet for 31 years he has remained in the background. That time is OVER!!
Might of the Angel, Strength of a Bull. Wisdom of an Owl, Cunning of a Wolf. Courage of a Brave, Will of a Slave. Might of my Father til I step in the Grave- by Myke JL
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Kakalaki Kid: NOOOOO I have not been ignoring those of you who feel I have. I to am susceptible to my illness. And unfortunately for me, this past week or so I have been very susceptible.
September 10 at 4:26PM

Kakalaki Kid: Woow ok so someone just alerted me to the fact that if you go on the Reviewers ranking page and click the anonymous member, with like one review. Then it will take you straight HERE to my profile. Say WHAAT!!? So I checked this out TEN Bloody times and needless to say, THEY WERE RIGHT! WTF MAAN!! This site does fig'n crazy junk. And they have the nerve to want money for this crap. What a joke.!! What a bloody f'n joke mates & loves. If you haven't realized by now as to what i am speaking upon, it's cheating..rigging the count, fudging the numbers. This is seen in sooo many areas on this site. IT'S BLOODY RIDICULOUS! It's like being here makes us apart of some great farce, and the more we participate and ignore reality.. the more we embed ourselves into this farce. I hope some of you if NOT ALL of you wake up to this sites B.S. soon. Because they don't and won't care..nor will they change. Crap is always going to be crap..sometimes we have to just wipe the sh*t off..(pardon my frailties) but the fact remains that if we don't then we shall whined up carrying that stench around with us everywhere we bloody go. My shoes, boots and loafers are clean.. Cheers
BTW FACT CHECK for you sectics..
This is my url:
and this is reviewer #39 Anonymous member's url:

Which is apparently mine too..
August 24 at 2:03PM

Kakalaki Kid: THE SMS (Sick Musical Souls) Project is BACK bigger and better than ever!!
August 22 at 12:07AM

I am staying here on this site because I gave my word to my son (who reminded me) not to quit until I can't go anymore. Plus I have been giving some pretty persuading comments from fellow artist asking me to stay. And for them/that & him I am staying. ONLY for those reasons! NOT BECAUSE OF FANMUSIC ITSELF OR WHAT IT CAN SUPPOSEDLY DO FOR ME. But I tire of this site's B.S. and blocks/restrictions for no reasonable reason. We're artist, not chess pieces to manipulate for your financial or site growth. Make this site relevant and what you seek shall be blessed upon you. Remember without us there is absolutely no purpose to this site. You can't judge/review what's not available. Which should be evident by ALL the empty bogus accounts and all the abandoned ones. As for now I'm done caring about this site. But I care deeply for those of you I have communicated with. And I will ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU!! Maybe not here lol but you get my Cheers to you all.
August 18 at 5:44PM

Kakalaki Kid: AS OF TODAY I AM DONE WITH THIS BLOODY SITE AND IT'S EGOS AFTER EGOS OF ARTIST. Everyone on here talks a good game, but then you hear their music and you're like "How in God's name can this person say anything about my song, when they seem like a first time EVER recorder." But yet they still say you need a quality fix, when they can't even begin to conceive the techniques and equipment used to make and master a track. This is an Unacceptable B.S.
BTW YEEEESSSS I Bloody know, that no frick'n one will ever read this, but I'm P.O.'d sooo I'm bloody venting!!
BTW for all the uneducated, mastering is for the artist to judge on what he or she is trying to pull across. Some people actually go for the live sound, DUUUUHHH!! As for you others with your little master programs, get a grip of your's just one bloody program. Most have to use several to achieve the 5.1 or 3.7 sound. But most of you want even know what i'm talking about, hence how can you judge quality on ignorance. This is an obsolete useless step for any artist. I personally like to choose where I am laid to rest and it shall not be here!!!
As for the truly talented on this site, we have personally spoken and I shall continue to be in contact as we are now OFF SITE!!! Cheers and Good luck to you all
August 14 at 11:22AM
    michaelross: Hey,I'm listening!I've been away for a few days writing new material.Did I miss something?E-mail me,
    August 17 at 5:32PM
    Kakalaki Kid: I'll be emailing you very soon, say by this Friday mate. The medz kicking my but this week. But I'm kicking back, so expect me to make that date. Cheers
    August 19 at 5:14PM
    Kerri Powles: I'm listening too my friend :)

    Really listening to the music rather than getting all high bound about reproduction is important. Not everyone has the equipment to technically sound good. We should all be looking at the bigger picture ie 'is the actual music any good'. I don't want to be told the sound quality is inferior as I already know that myself thank you very much!
    That's my 2nd rant of the day..hey I'm getting good at this :)
    August 23 at 3:19AM
    Kakalaki Kid: I know real good. :} And yes yes yes to all you just said. This is a sad sad truth about this sight. It's funny how many egos a person can run into here. And I mean like big "I'M the SH*t EGOS" It's like wooow really? Oddly enough it seems to be a cockiness amongst a group of artist on here that consider themselves artist. When in reality they need to remember that this is not a game and to many of us it is a very serious profession of craft. Some people on here seem to be just saying, hey this is my time to shine and show them all I'm this great artist. When it is MORE THAN EVIDENT THAT THEY HAVE NEVER EVER DONE THIS BEFORE. The mic is a most precious thing to those of use who work our butts off to get to a level where we felt we should even attempt to be on it, more or less actually record a song. But these EGO STARS are just jumping up, pressing the record button on another fruit loopy program and record another fruit loopy song with no structure or skill whatsoever. Is it really the purpose of this site, to pit the skilled wishing peer unions and feedback against the IMMA BLOW UP CAUSE I WANNA BE A STAR people on here. A Star should shine on it's own, hence the principles behind the term star. But an Egotistical As* can just flick a switch like a light and say I'm in the light. Stars shine in the DARK regardless of a switch. Stars shine even brighter in the light, causing them to be unseen by the norm.. they blend..NOT BRAG!! But I think I'm wasting my breath.. EGOS ARE ABOVE ALL, even words from those of us here for a bloody reason. But hey if it's not the ego, it's some ghost account out of no where on the charts and yet they have no active account or it does not even exist any more. While others seem to be allowed to judge and vote, while all in all NEVER having put up any songs themselves at all EVER. Doesn't quite sound like the brochure. LOL..
    August 24 at 11:03AM
    Jimi Seven: I am new here and am quite sensitive in providing reviews. Each person's song is like their child, their creation and the last thing I want to do is be overly critical. This is after all a hobby and love for most of us. But I also try to provide an honest critique without being mean or harsh. I hope that is what most of us want. I can hear that some of us have more equipment and experience than others and so I do not criticize ir penalize for that. But I may say, in my opinion, you should bring the bass up or lower the keyboard, etc. But my goal is helping each of us become better songwriters. But if we routinely give everyone a 5 for example, what is the point? Anyway, I hope you'[re doing well and would love to hear some of your songs.
    July 31 at 10:45AM

Kakalaki Kid: Is it me or is it harder than Youtube to get a bloody fan here. It's like woow we judge peoples music and give them at times a good or great score, but yet in still we don't want to be a fan of that artist. SAY WHAT?!! I strongly suggest that maybe we should ask ourselves why in the h.e. double would anyone bloody sign up to be our fan....if we can't in turn be theirs..This is just something i noticed while adding artist to my fan list. They seem to have no fans but they have good scores. This is odd to me.
August 8 at 12:50PM

Kakalaki Kid: Ok i see no one really talks to each other on this site like you would expect it to be. Kind of a contradiction..aah
August 8 at 12:46PM

Kakalaki Kid: I go for what can't be done, because I've already done what can be done.
I strive for the impossible, because it's impossible for me not to.
And I fight to live..because cancer can't take the fight out this ol' dog.
PS> This is not a quote or a poem, I just talk this way. }
August 4 at 6:09PM

Kakalaki Kid: Well another day sitting home sick as heck, but at least i have my FANMUSIC.COM Fam to listen to while I recoop. But anyhow just wanted to say that I have enjoyed listening to all of you and i feel the future is bright for the world of creativity that is God's voice unto us..MUSIC..
August 4 at 6:05PM

Kakalaki Kid: Find solus in your music and your music shall cross unfound barriers. I am really enjoying this journey of new found artist hoping to elevate and innovate.
July 21 at 3:48PM


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