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Location: Portsmouth,UK
Gender: Male
Born: 2/9/1986
Interests: Singing, Rapping, Writing and making music. Also I randomly love running!!
Member: Standard
Joined: December 2014
Singer/Songwriter from the UK. Currently working on my 4th album which is very different to what I've done before. A lot more rapping!
Everything happens for a reason.
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Edward Schaffer
Jun Naotsuka
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Edward Schaffer
Jun Naotsuka
PaulAndreas: Have been nominated for the song of the month again! what an honour!
February 7 at 7:22AM

PaulAndreas: So I posted a new song on hear tonight that has level issues with the vocals. Has been picked up in the reviews and this will be addressed. I'm not sure anyone listened right to the end of the song though and if they did I'm surprised an element of the song hasn't been commented on.
January 30 at 3:52PM

PaulAndreas: We need more talent on this site desparately..people need to up their game.
January 14 at 3:08PM
    Jun Naotsuka: It's unfortunate that some of the contests just keep getting put off because they don't get enough entries. But I also realize that people are busy and it takes courage to submit one's work. Me? My family is kind enough to let me do music as much as I want. And it's not courage. I just want to share art. It is a form of expression and it doesn't have to be "approved of" by anyone.....ultimately speaking.
    January 15 at 3:13AM
    Kerri Powles: I couldn't agree more Paul. We have an amazing site at our disposal here, and no one seems to be taking adequate advantage of it! I'm a member of the sister site FanArt Review as well, and because of the huge amount of members, they have contests coming out of their 'you know where' and a regular turn over of them too, no hanging about for months on end, excitement and tension rising, only to have hopes dashes again by yet another contest being put off GRRRR! I guess I'm lucky as well that like Jun, I don't have family standing in the way of my creativity either, and are happy to just let me get on with it too, but seriously guys, I can see this site going under if we don't up the anti and make more of a concerted effort.
    January 30 at 5:16PM

January 10 at 3:33AM
    Jun Naotsuka: That was a great song you did. It makes me think I got to do better. Not in a competitive way, but as a fellow musician, I just want to keep up.
    January 11 at 5:16AM
    PaulAndreas: Well i was blown away by some of your songs too. That's the beauty of music though isn't it xx much love xx
    January 11 at 5:29AM

FanMusic wrote to PaulAndreas: Never Gonna Make You Cry is the new Song of the Month!
January 9 at 12:13AM

PaulAndreas: How is everyone today? Any new music to recommend?
January 4 at 10:52AM

PaulAndreas: Happy New Year everyone!!
January 2 at 4:24PM

PaulAndreas: What a brilliant end, to a brilliant year!
December 31 at 5:30AM

PaulAndreas: Thank full for the positive response to my music so far :)
December 30 at 1:45AM

PaulAndreas: Really enjoying people hearing my music this way!
December 29 at 1:58PM

PaulAndreas: So today I have decided to preview my new music, unheard anywhere else on the web, with no promotion to my fan base. I just want the music to speak for itself.
December 28 at 10:49AM


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Artist of The Month Winner

Never Gonna Make You Cry won the contest "Song of the Month"
January 9 at 12:13AM

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