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Edward Schaffer
Location: California, USA
Gender: Male
Interests: Music, Family History
Member: Standard
Joined: November 2014
`When a sword strikes a rock - blue sparks fly - Can`t you see that it is beautiful? -Carl Nielsen
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Edward Schaffer: Symphony #22 is all uploaded
February 26 at 2:40AM

Edward Schaffer:

I am on page 360 of Professor Ho's Catalogue
February 26 at 2:20AM

Edward Schaffer: All of Symphony 19 is now available as a record...
February 22 at 1:24PM

Edward Schaffer: First two movements of Symphony 19 are uploaded, and put on to a record. The other two probably tomorrow.
February 20 at 9:19AM

Edward Schaffer: Symphony 23 - 4th movement 4 is uploaded and added to the Symphony 23 record. Listen all the way through (all movements)just like I recommend with all my Symphony records
February 19 at 9:59AM

Edward Schaffer: I do not think it would be proper for me to vote on the Techno contest. I cannot hear 2 of the entries (mute?) and mine is one of the others, so only being able to hear 2 of 5 entries is not a way to vote...
February 18 at 5:27PM

Edward Schaffer: first 3 movements of Symphony 23 are uploaded and on a record, Mv 1 in December, Mv 2 & 3 tonight, and Mv4 tomorrow
February 18 at 12:33AM

Edward Schaffer: I have uploaded the 1st and 3r movements of Symphony 15. Mvts 2 and 4 later
February 15 at 2:42PM

Edward Schaffer: "The Universe, Infinity, and the Hand of God, Op 276" Is up and on a record. To be heard correctly it should be played all the way through without interruption.
February 14 at 1:36AM

Edward Schaffer: The first two movements of Universe Infinity and Hand of God are uploaded
February 13 at 7:46AM

Edward Schaffer: I am going to upload my Symphonic Poem, "The Universe, Infinity, and the Hand of God, Op 276". It will require breaking the piece into four sections as it is 30 minutes long. I am not trying to emulate either Richard Strauss, who refined the Symphonic Poem form, or Kaikhosru Sorabji, who wrote the everlasting Opus Clavicembalistcum. It is my own piece, a mood piece about the universe...
February 12 at 8:02PM

Edward Schaffer: All 3 Movements of the Violin Concerto are now posted and combined to a record...
February 11 at 1:25AM

Edward Schaffer: OK - The following Syms are posted as records: 4,5,7,9,10, and 12... A few days to decide which ones to add to the list
February 10 at 1:29AM

Edward Schaffer: Syms 7, 9, 10 have their records. Sym 5 is uploaded and will be put to a record... After that 12, then 4... after that TBD When I am through I hope have about 12 +/- of the 52 existing symphonies for listening and comment.
February 5 at 1:29AM

Edward Schaffer: Symphonies 7 & 9 are in their own records. In the process of uploading #10... Will pick the next one to do after 10 is finished when I am done Will be either 5, 8 or 12...
February 2 at 2:34PM


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The Grizzly Bear, Op 74 won the contest "Story Songs Music Competition"
December 16 at 12:13AM

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