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Location: Los Angeles
Gender: Male
Interests: Creating music, writing fiction, watching a good movie, reading a good book, and enjoying stand-up comedy.
Member: Standard
Joined: September 2014
I've had so many references from reviewers to Smokey and Prince which is gratifying; but at the same time, it leads me to believe that I probably should have written some information about my background on my profile.

Short version is; that after a little more than two decades of singing with cover bands doing mostly Motown tribute shows... Smokey, Temptations, Four Tops, Isley Brothers, Michael Jackson etc., I stopped performing ten years ago and put all my emphasis on writing my own songs. My goal is to get a song writing deal. Therefore, all of my songs are demos for pursuing that goal.

I've written tons of songs geared toward icon artists as well as indie artists. Unfortunately, I don't have the means to employ different singers to match the tone of some of my songs so I am doing everything, from the writing to the recording and production, to the singing, (backgrounds included.) It's a big job and sometimes my natural 2nd tenor voice doesn't do some of my songs justice, but its what I have to work with.

My hope is that my songs will come to the forefront and shine through everything else. I joined this site for the feedback that I need to attain what I'm reaching for and that's where you guys come in ... I welcome and appreciate all feedback. Thanks!
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Buzzi: Last week marked the end of my association on this site. I enjoyed my stay. Good luck to you all.
January 25 at 8:49PM
    Scott Harvey: I'm sorry to see you go, Buzzi. I hope you return.
    February 13 at 8:30PM


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