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Location: Cisco, IL
Gender: Female
Member: Standard
Joined: August 2014
I love to sing and play guitar, I also write music & poems. My music is my outlet in fighting my battle with cancer.
Nothing is Impossible with God
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Jodiann: Wow I moved up again coolieo!!! have a great Easter everyone and God Bless!!!
April 4 at 12:51PM
    Reckon: That's lovely
    June 8 at 4:04PM

Jodiann: Wowwwie!!! I am #5 reviewer??? What a surprise!!! I hope everyone is doing great this morning I am working on some new songs hopefully will post them this month for you all to give me such great review back! you Guys rule in here and have helped me so much thanks and God Bless!
April 1 at 10:08AM

Jodiann: Happy Sunday everyone!!! Today I was thinking of God and how much he loves us, I was reading Mark 11:22-26 and dwelling on what Jesus said in this parable to his disciples, for God does give you your hearts desires. He is a loving God. It does require one action though, it requires Prayer. For prayer put faith to action. So what have you asked God for lately? I posted a song up yesterday called "He Will Carry You" this song is my interpretation of an original and well Yes God cares for you. Don't give up when things are tough and hang with God and you will find the great things he has in store for you. Remember even if it seem rough it is only because he is removing the hard edges from within and around your life and replacing it with his ever loving care. Have faith, stand strong and know you are not alone in this world and you do not walk alone. God Bless and have a great day!
March 22 at 11:24AM

Jodiann: Good Morning today I was think about how God is really in control over everything we do, even if you do not see him with the naked eye, he is around. It made me post this following Song "In The Eye of The Storm"...
March 14 at 12:20PM

Jodiann: Today I posted "What A Wonder You Are" & "Lord God Of Israel" I hope you enjoy them.
March 12 at 7:49PM

Jodiann: Wow number six on the Ranked reviewer and Artist thank you I am humbled. Have a great day and watch out for my video's coming soon...
March 12 at 11:24AM

Jodiann: Good morning everyone today was my day to post in the contest area. So I posted "I Am" & "Dreams of Love" these two songs have close meaning to me.

"I AM" - is really a prophetic word. It is about letting go and growing up, realizing that things may seem overwhelming however God is right there in your midst.

"Dreams of Love" - I wrote this when I was 18 and it was during the time my father had left the family. It was focal point to me that holding onto Gods love was the only way I would get through such a tough time in my life.

My answer to prayer happened it took ten years but my parents remarried each other again.

I grew up in a household that was always working, my father worked three jobs, my mom two. Besides taking care of her children. My parent had no time for them, that I could remember growing up. they were working hard at providing and they lost that togetherness by putting work ahead of the family. They started to court each other again, igniting that spark they once had after yrs of just taking care of us kids, they finally got remarried. That is where I pulled "Dreams of Love" from. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for visiting my page and spending time with me today, God Bless...
March 11 at 7:00AM

Jodiann: Hi Everyone, Just a short note. I have posted two new songs. Today we are lifting our voices in praise and rejoicing with celebration, I hope you like them the songs posted today were "Sing Unto the Lord a New Song" and "Before His Majesty the King"... Please have a listen to both and leave me some feedback. I am really interested what you think about the verses written, let me know, thanks for your time and have a great Smiley Day :)
March 10 at 2:58PM

Jodiann: Tomorrow I will have two more new songs for all that are interested meanwhile please listen to the ones I posted and give me feedback, thank you. Have a wonderful day and Smile :)) save a wrinkle.
March 9 at 4:05PM

Jodiann: Since Psalm V came out so noisy not so clear I tried to modify it however the system would not let me update it so the modification is under "Give Ear to My Word" it is same song just sounds clearer to me. I hope you enjoy...
March 9 at 4:03PM

Jodiann: I love to sing and play guitar. Music is an outlet for me it helps me get through the hard days of my cancer. I may have a battle ahead but I have something to sing and say, won't you take this journey with me.
I write poems and music to get out all that is within, whether it be a good day or bad it all is worth sharing. One day I will make a cd for family and friends that have been asking for my works, God willing.
March 5 at 11:32AM


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Dreams of Love finished second in the contest "Love Song Music Contest"
June 13 at 12:13AM

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