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Location: Hermosa beach CA
Gender: Male
Interests: Creative energy, arts, meditation.
Member: Standard
Joined: August 2014
Dr. Wayne Dyer once said " don't die with your music still in you"

I grew-up with dyslexia and other learning disabilities that made my dream of learning and making music impossible until last year... My new found technology and digital music changed my paradigm and my life for I do not have the honor of calling myself a musician!!! I am only an Artist, a composer and a storyteller.
Why not!!!
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EddieHermosa: Here is a link to a great on line song writing class by Barkly school of's Free. Enjoy.
Cheers, eddie
October 22 at 7:34PM

There are some great promotional tools here...check it out.
October 21 at 2:31PM

EddieHermosa: Hey guys sonicbirds has a few competitions coming is the link check it out.
October 3 at 6:23PM

EddieHermosa: Why I love and make happy music:
Research exploring the physiological correlates of emotion during music-listening have examined the autonomic correlates of emotion in this way which resulted in some interesting findings. Fearful and happy music were shown to increase heart rate more than sad music, an finding consistent with previous research (Nyklicek, Thayer, & VanDoornen, 1997; Pignatiello, Camp, Elder, & Rasar 1989). It was also found that happy music evoked greater skin conductance and higher skin temperature compared to fearful and sad music. This finding is also consistent with previous research (McFarland, 1985; McFarland & Kadish, 1911; McFarland & Kennison, 1989), which found positively valence music to increase temperature and negatively valence music to decrease temperature.

August 15 at 3:25PM

EddieHermosa: this is for all those times that I/we "take personal" something that was said or done by others... the track "it's not about me" is a reminder that I am an imperfect person, dealing with imperfect people and living in a imperfect Chill because the good news is, it's Not about me or you.
August 14 at 9:55AM

EddieHermosa: we all are concerned about what goes IN our bodies...what if what goes in our body through ears(music) is as important to our health as what we eat..
August 10 at 10:59AM
    Jun Naotsuka: Very good point. Vangelis once said something like, "Music can have a healing power, but if misused, it can be destructive too."
    December 21 at 3:31PM


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