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Location: New Jersy, USA
Gender: Male
Born: July 7th, guess?
Interests: Windsurfing and Snowboarding
Member: Standard
Joined: December 2013
Playing guitar and music isn't a skill. It's a way of being.
Had some plans, worked at them to, tossed the dice, luck, took the bus. Laughs got old, choices got few. Packed the bags, split the bucks, and left
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Loyd C. Taylor, Sr.
Dustybones: Some think the world is made for fun and frolic,
And so do I! And so do I!
Some think it well to be all melancholic,
To pine and sigh; to pine and sigh;
But I, I love to spend my time in singing,
Some joyous song, some joyous song,
To set the air with music bravely ringing
Is far from wrong! Is far from wrong!
Harken, harken, music sounds a-far!
Harken, harken, with a happy heart!
Funiculý, funiculÓ, funiculý, funiculÓ!
Joy is everywhere, funiculý, funiculÓ!
May 12 at 9:46AM

Dustybones: All of the research makes it clear that guitarists are just super spiritual, intuitive people. Think about anyone from the Jimmy Page to the Edge right on up to Bon Iver. That sort of intuitive thinking runs all the way to how they learn. Unlike musicians who learn through sheet music, guitarists, according to researchers at Vanderbilt University, get a better grasp of a song by looking at someone playing it rather than reading the notes on paper.

The intuition might come from one truth every guitarist knows: playing guitar transcends basic brain chemistry. In a famous incident, Pat Martino, a renowned jazz guitarist from Philadelphia, had 70% of his left temporal lobe removed in his mid-30s due to a hemorrhage. When he came out of surgery, he couldn't play any longer.

But guitar-playing is about more than any one part of your brain. Within two years, Martino was able to completely relearn how to play the jazz guitar. Scientists everywhere have used his brain as an amazing example of cerebral plasticity. For guitarists, he represents something else ? playing guitar isn't a skill. It's a way of being.
May 8 at 1:18PM

Dustybones: The music in the late sixties and early seventies in my opinion was the best of any era that I recall. It was workingman's music. Hits like Street Fighting Man were the salt of the earth for a new generation. Two of my all time great releases back then were Workingman's Dead and American Beauty, both recorded by a group called The Grateful Dead.

Workingman's Dead and American Beauty are gems. Before those, The Grateful Dead had a good first release then they got crazy with a few albums, but settled into real music with those gems of acoustic instruments and a country like sounds that are still beyond compare to any other times. Both released in the same year, 1970, wow!

I saw them on April 14, 1971 at Bucknell College which was only a hours drive from where I went to college, Penn State, main campus. I'll never forget that night. We had no tickets, got into the concert by carrying in some of the Dead's equipment, then we all, sat right up front on the gym floor, as the lights dimmed and The New Rider's of the Purple Sage opened the show.

My friend, a guitar player, and I roomed together in college. We played lots of those songs. Boy did we have fun. One of our friends had a spot on the Penn State Radio and he knew music, and made us listen to all the great groups of that time.

There was so much great rock music at that time; Allman Brothers, Dobbie Brothers, Eagles, The Grateful Dead, The Band, The Byrds, Poco, Gram Parsons, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Who, Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, Janis, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and lastly LED ZEPPELIN.

All guitar playable, if you played, this was the way to sound, both then and now.

CountyRock was great. All former Byrd members from one time or another and their connections from that time influenced my interest in music. CSN&Y, Gram Parsons, Flying Buritto Bros, Poco, Eagles and whatever else was rockin' back then still reverberates deep in my soul.

Jerry Garcia was whom I liked the most as a lead player, singer and writer for his natural ability to make happy music. He had great guitar licks and a reedy voice that I've always loved to hear. I have never gotten tired of hearing any of his songs.

Just goes to show everyone young or old, enjoy your life, as those days sure go by fast. There is no going back for seconds, either. Those were the times for me, and I didn't waste a second to sit back and relax, except to listen to the music
February 7 at 11:21AM
    Ray Brookes: I just read your thoughts on the music of a few decades ago and have to agree with every word! Music in those days was so much more honest and transparent. If you went to see an artiste or a band you knew what your were hearing was the real McCoy, not the lip-synched, over-dubbed, backing tracked crap & gimmickry of today. Miley Cirus ? Give me a break! I saw Led Zeppelin at Birmingham (UK) town hall in '73 and Deep Purple the year before at the same place. Dylan in '82, '86, '93 & 2002 ... last time in Sydney. I could go on; for every band I seen there are a dozen I wish I'd seen LOL. Dylan is the guy who got me interested in learning guitar back when I was about 12 and he had just released Blonde On Blonde in '66. Been my guru ever since. Jerry Garcia ... what a wonderful guitar player but my favourite of all time would have to be Jimmy Page I guess. There again, I also like the style of Mark Knopfler, plus Carl Santana, plus Eric Clapton ... what the hell, the list could go on for ever.


    February 10 at 4:29PM
    Dustybones: For groups and guitarist I should never say who I think is the best of the best, impossible, but Jerry may just be my favorite. Jimmy Page would rank top side on any of my lists. I would never sell out Stevie Ray short, I left him off because he was a eighty's guy.

    He was born Oct 4, 1954. His life ended on Aug 26,1991.

    I may just have to download his special box set.

    Was he the BEST ever? Top five, me thinks so.
    February 12 at 1:46PM
    akkrys123: Dusty; I finally got around to listening to your song Flying Snow And thought it was very good. Recording could be boosted a little bit more on the vocals and guitar. I've invested into a presonus is recording studio And you should check it out. Performed dollars with microphones and set up all you need is a computer and it's boss.
    Good luck
    January 20 at 7:29PM


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