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surahjane988: Hi Everyone! My name is Surah and I am interested in posting my music on this website in the new year. For, this month I plan to listen and see who is who. Thank you. See you soon.
December 13 at 5:44PM
    dbsoares: Better be VERY careful whose portfolios you go into and the way you review. If you really are Sarah (I doubt it) everything you do will be tracked, monitored and reported back to fanmusic. Just like your activities yesterday with my account and two others that I know of. Everything you posted was wiped away. Why don't you just tell us the REAL reason you are here?
    December 14 at 3:18PM
    dbsoares: Better yet, explain how you, a brand new user, were able to visit portfolios and review songs that WERE NOT EVEN UP FOR REVIEW. Do you really think everyone is stupid here?
    December 14 at 3:21PM
    dbsoares: You ALL have given me a personal mission here at fanmusic, and it is not about winning. If need be I will spend hours of my time each day checking the open portfolios of artists 1-10 to make sure that YOU and the OTHERS involved in this attempt to trash scores don't have that opportunity. So far today i know that Ray Brookes and Bobbi Wilson were both touched by you just enough to cause damage, so was i. Tom (fanmusic) has been notified. Everyone that has a big stake in fanmusic has been notified about you and the others via personal message. Lest you think I am some kind of "nut" ranked number one as reviewer and artist keep in mind that I know how to track IP addresses, and can determine very quickly is bogus or multiple accounts are being created for one purpose. Trashing scores. Better find a new computer at a new location for today.
    December 14 at 3:35PM


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