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Location: Santa Elena, Ecuador
Gender: Male
Born: Havana City, Cuba
Interests: House Music, Electronic
Member: Standard
Joined: November 2013
The Ekuba Project arises as a necessity of expression. Ernesto Couso began composing in October 2010. Based in Ecuador and a native of Havana, Cuba. This systems engineer fascinated by the music house, began mixing Latin instruments and melodies to give way to a new kind of style within

The most interesting is the mix of new instruments playing harmoniously with the melody. Instruments such as timbales, bongos, Keys and many other Caribbean and Latin American origin, used in dances like Salsa, Samba, Mambo and Merengue ?

The Ekuba Project maintains its own identity, and based on the premise that everyone is creative, everyone has something to express, and yes, they can create something great just sitting on a computer with appropriate software and that thread of creativity that characterizes to lovers of good music.
The best place to hide a dead body, is page 2 of Google search results
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