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Location: Coddington , Newark , Nottinghamshire
Gender: Male
Interests: Film and music
Member: Standard
Joined: September 2013
I am a Caribbean and UK Music producer/song writer.
I have over 25 Songs playing on Commercial Radio. I also Teach Song writing , music production and I do artist development. I also do a little work in Film.
Music is my drug of choice it is the only drug i need
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Duaneskerritt: All the songs on my profile are getting radio airplay both commercial and none please follow the steps in my comments below and send the email to radio music directors ( Do not send more than 10 lines of text as it will not be read)
October 12 at 5:10AM

Duaneskerritt: Im now looking for new female jazz vocalist to work with and a male vocalist with a very soulful voice tone.

I write produce and do artist development.
September 25 at 12:17AM
    Duaneskerritt: Song writers and composers are the penultimate story tellers, only rivalled by painters and photographers, with a books you get thousands of word to tell your tale. With a film you get thousands of frames, pictures and hours, and if pictures paint a thousand words I dare you to show me the song with a thousand words in it. We have approximately 3 to 4 minutes to capture the listener and take them on an emotional roller-coaster, which leaves them feeling the way the writer intended them to feel or the way writer felt at the time of writing. In world where cookie cutter songs are the norm, good song writers need to hold fast to their standards. So keep your chin up guy and gals you are doing a great work.
    October 11 at 8:37PM
    Duaneskerritt: Steps for getting air play

    1. Make sure your music is professional mixed and mastered but not over compressed.
    2. Make sure you have professional photo shoot done.
    3. Make sure you have done you bio.
    4. Make sure you have your one sheet for example copy and paste link
    5. Create a dropbox for DJs to download your music and one sheet
    6. Do your research only send submissions to DJs who play your style of music
    7. Create website for hosting music or use fanmusic site
    8. Send an email like this

    Hi (Name of DJ and Music Manager) I am a local artist from x
    Im trying to find out how to submit music to you our music can be found at
    soundcloud (Style e.g Jazz) songs
    Our 1 sheet

    9. Put the music and one sheet on the dropbox
    10. Create links

    I recommend using the fanmusic website because the more people use it the more likely it will take over the other music sites. It has everything the others have and more including reviews and competitions it has the potent to be bigger than my space.
    October 12 at 5:02AM


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