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Location: Augusta, Ga.
Gender: Female
Born: 1952
Interests: Songwriting, Lyrics, Poetry,Music,Bible,Environmental Illness
Member: Standard
Joined: September 2013
Iris and Tommy Lee Brooks, pray God will open doors. Playing piano, writing songs since a little girl..I see a song in everything! Tommy Lee's played music 50 plus years with some of the greatest guitarists to ever live.. Danny Gatton, Roy Buchanan, Don West, Buddy Charlton (Ernest Tubbs' steel player), toured with the late Big Al Downing, Billy Jo Shaver (CMA Hall of Fame) and original member of the Ventrills. His band opened for Merle Haggard at Capitol Center near DC. We've suffered much adversity in recent years, T2 biological poisoning. Forced into homelessness while also very ill, had to flee our home, possessions, music studio, clothes, photos..everything we thot' mattered. We realize the 1 thing that can't be taken away is the music in our hearts and our faith in God. We write all types of songs, but lots of country and gospel... We love to write special tributes and for special needs like the homeless, world hunger, our country and children..We did a 911 Tribute CD before tragedy nearly took our lives. We hope you enjoy and find merit in our songs.. God bless you all! Love, Iris & Tommy
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songbyrd: A difficult few months...Appreciate prayers..with environmental poisoning, severe chemical sensitivities we have been without a home since July. Only have a few clothes and meds with us and on a small disability tho' very thankful to be in a small motel room, we are praying for a home we can tolerate before Christmas...really miss our music and all of you..Iris
November 20 at 1:26PM

songbyrd: Thanks for everyone who supported and liked my song, Momma. God bless you my friends.
November 22 at 3:07AM

FanMusic wrote to songbyrd: Congratulations! Momma won the contest "Heart Strings Music Contest"
November 18 at 12:07AM
    twisty: congrats. really good song that
    November 18 at 9:09AM
    SueClayton: Congratulations songbyrd!!! Great song! Good on ya!!!
    November 30 at 3:42PM
    RonD: Many congrats songbyrd ;-)
    December 6 at 7:01PM

songbyrd: Won't let the world get me down..I don't understand people sometimes.. I think someone maybe just hasn't walked in your shoes. and don't really think about the deeper message in a song or anything else in life. God bless..Iris
November 10 at 2:56PM
    twisty: i think that many times lol
    keep the faith
    November 11 at 5:19AM

songbyrd: Even in tragedy and pain, we are so blest. Music is such a gift and to be able to write and share songs.. we thank God. So glad to have met some really talented musicians and writers here on Fan Music. Your friendship and support probably mean more than you'll ever know. Love you all!
November 4 at 10:13PM
    SueClayton: Hi songbyrd! I've always thought the best thing about this site is the people you meet. Glad we met! :-)
    November 17 at 7:25PM

songbyrd: What a beautiful day! On my way to church to sing and give praises unto the Lord.
October 6 at 9:08AM

songbyrd: I just love all those we've met on this site. We appreciate the support and have enjoyed sharing each other's music. God bless. Iris
October 6 at 12:49AM

FanMusic wrote to songbyrd: Congratulations! Southern Standard Time won the contest "Rock Music Contest"
September 22 at 12:08AM
    twisty: congrats on the win.
    September 22 at 3:46AM
    songbyrd: Thanks. We are highly honored. Iris
    September 23 at 9:06AM
    JAHBRALTA: great stuff
    September 23 at 10:03AM

songbyrd: Sept. 11th..I'll never forget that day for as long as I live. God bless America!
September 11 at 6:42PM

songbyrd: We do everything as a team. Thru' much adversity, music puts hope and joy in our hearts! God bless.
September 3 at 12:34AM

songbyrd: I'm happy to be here. Hope you like our music.
September 2 at 10:18PM


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