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Snap Johnson
Location: Philadelphia
Gender: Male
Born: 1992
Interests: Producing,Performing,Philosophy
Member: Standard
Joined: July 2013
AS OF 2013‚?¶
I have been producing instrumentals for a few years now. Every time I made a song I would try to learn something new to put in or focus on a new skill. Over time the production developed into something fuller and deeper and I started writing lyrics on top of them. I record and write all my music and do all the mastering afterwords. Its a big process doing it independently really allows me to learn everything. I generally use Cubase to record/ mix in combination with various analog and digital instruments (Juno-6, Omnisphere, UVI Plugsound‚?¶) and some sampling.

In 2010 I was part of Na Style Jaa ‚?? a history based rap group. Being a part of that group will always be one of my most important experiences in terms of gaining the ability to perform, write, and produce. But the real gem of that group was the idea behind it. Some of the track names: Civil War Party, Ghost in the Bedroom, Wedding Ahoy!‚?¶ full costume at the shows (the layering was something else). I love this group and its too bad more people didn‚??t get to experience it, but there were various disagreements in the group and we eventually split up.

In 2013 I started this solo project, Snap Johnson. So far there have been aspects that are easier, and aspects that are much more difficult without having a team, but the process of producing and putting out music makes it worthwhile. I‚??m a big fan of The Temptations, Lincoln Park, 90‚?≤s music in general (that twang sound!) but I really focus in on ‚??hits‚?? rather than groups as a whole. Certain songs get everything right in terms of groove, style, writing- ‚??I Try‚??, ‚??In The Club‚??, ‚??I Knew You Were Trouble‚??, ‚??Mony Mony‚??, ‚??Just a Dream‚??‚?¶- these are the things I look up to the most. In 2013 I am trying to work on my performances as much as possible, produce more music and videos, and hopefully hear what people think of my music
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Snap Johnson:
July 1 at 12:06PM

Snap Johnson: not bad at all
July 1 at 12:00PM
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    October 26 at 7:35AM

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