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Location: united states
Gender: Male
Born: 10/9/60
Interests: old movies-old architecture and a great story,song,poem or book
Member: Standard
Joined: June 2013
always loved music. grew up in a big family,10 of us kids.self taught guitar player who regrets having never taken lessons,but like they say it's never to late. love going somewhere i've never been and just walking around soaking it in. there is so much to enjoy and the simple things usually satisfy
it is not so much what we think of God that matters it what God thinks of us that matters-c s lewis
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FanMusic wrote to Tarkhenna: Congratulations! You Take My Breath Away won the contest "Romance Music Contest"
October 17 at 12:08AM
    Kerri Powles: Very Many congratulations on your win, it was a well deserved win!
    October 17 at 2:15AM
    pmalman: Really nice song! Congratulations!!!
    October 17 at 10:04AM
    Kerri Powles: Congratulations on your win with 'Where the Angels Fly', it was well deserved.
    November 14 at 1:56AM

Tarkhenna: i love the arts and believe they are the only true way we have to describe/express what we are. i've been writing for a while and i guess it's time i put myself out there. you always wonder if someone will connect with your art and we all know how it touches us when they do. it just feels good to be in a community of kindred spirits.
September 11 at 12:15PM


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I Won't Cry finished second in the contest "Deepest Feelings Music"
December 7 at 12:08AM
Not Over You finished second in the contest "Heart Strings Music Contest"
November 18 at 12:07AM
Where The Angels Fly finished first in the member created contest "Uplifting"
November 14 at 12:08AM
You Take My Breath Away won the contest "Romance Music Contest"
October 17 at 12:08AM
Waited For This finished second in the contest "Love Song Music Contest"
October 9 at 12:08AM
Tears Of Joy finished second in the contest "Ballad Music Competition"
October 2 at 12:08AM
My Heart Speaks I Love You finished second in the contest "Vocal Music Contest"
September 10 at 12:08AM

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