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Barry Moran
Location: Bristol, England
Gender: Male
Born: 1956
Interests: 12 String Guitars, Finger-picking.Creating Instrumental Music of all Kinds.
Member: Standard
Joined: May 2013
I first started messin with guitars at the age of four, was in bands in my youth then fell in love with the 12 string guitar aged about 18, and Ive been smitten ever since.
My diversion into composing instrumental music started about 24 yrs ago when I acquired a Casio keyboard and a 4 track Tascam Porta Home Studio. (a glorified cassette recorder) I experimented with overdubbing, layering, bouncing tracks etc and eventually wrote a ditty that was used on a Scottish wildlife TV show. Since then, I have had a few of my tunes used on TV in Australia, Brazil, Canada and the UK. plus radio airtime.
Various tunes of mine are signed with different Music publishing Companies, but Im always on the lookout for more.
I try to be as diverse as possible in my music otherwise I get bored stiff hence the differing styles of my stuff.
I also play 12 string guitar solo live now and then which satisfies my craving for the adrenaline fix this gives me.
What I love about composing is the fact that we start off with a simple melody then build on it, adding bits here and there until we have a complete composition. and that baby is ours, no-one has ever heard it before. We gave birth to it and gave it wings. There is no better feeling than when we get it right.
That's why I compose music.
You Die if you Worry, You Die if you Dont. So F*** em'
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