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Jordan Mais
Location: Jamaica
Gender: Male
Born: 12 april 1986
Interests: performing arts
Member: Standard
Joined: April 2013
Jordan Mais has had the love of the sound of music from a very tender age, performing for his friends and family while at home or play. Following in his brother‚??s footsteps and visiting recording studios though, helped to cement the desire to pursue music as an actual career.

Influenced by family and friends, Jordan has spent the last 12 years holding true to advice given to him by mentor Beres Hammond ‚??be patient with music and you will grow‚??.
His first professional recording was background vocals for recording artist Anthony Red Rose at Cell Block Recordings. Since then however, he has recorded for many producers and record labels including; Gladstone Wright of Reflection label, Romeo Bucchanan of Dri ice Recording, Caveman Recording, Dwigs recordings, Real president music, Orrett Mcdonald of Jamhill Records, Jcannon Records, and Taggless Records. Included in these are collaborations with Artistes Camanchi and Dapper Daps.

What kind of music does Jordan Mais record? Cultural, inspirational, anti-political, and love songs in all genres, but his real mission with the music is to entertain, educate, and alleviate some of the pressures in the world. This is obvious in the material he writes, inspired by his personal experience and things that happen around us every day.

After 12 years in the business this all rounder has stayed true to his cause and has been honored with some notoriety: a bronze medalist in 2003 JCDC school competition, top ten 2006 in Digicel Rising Stars, Top ten in the 2008 Tastee competition, and numerous performances over the radio (live televised, and pre recorded) parties, weddings, and has performed for charity in the Mona rehabilitation for the disabled.

Look out for his Current projects "Empty pocket" done at Jamhill record and "sell dem soul" at Jcannon records/Taggless records "life hard" done on Jcannon records. You will be impressed as these songs showcase his unique style of melodies and the lyrical content that seeks attention.

Artiste Band Biography: - COLD CIRCUIT BAND
Birth Names: - Ronaldo Murphy (bass player and leader)
Roderick Bromfield (drummer and asst. Leader)
Delroy Parke (keyboard player)
Shane Greenstone (keyboard player)
Dwight Rochester (guitar player)
Birth Country: - Jamaica

Cold curcuit started Their musical journey from a tender age, however the relationship between the members of the band and the artiste Jordan Mais started in high school, Where the passion for a musical career brew, hence this band was created.
Their main drive and influence was supported by family and close friends. They have observed greatness in past musicians and aspire to be one of "the greats" in respect and devotion for music.
The first professional performance they had was with Jordan Mais at the Papine high School celebrating Black History Month in 2007, Since then they performed on several stages with Jordan Mais and other members of the music fraternity such as; Dwayne Murphy, Mystrybless, Elijah, Kareem, Treasure, J.Lee and Latty J. Jackson, to name a few. Recently Cold Circuit started a record label ‚??Real Verse Entertainment‚?? where their main rhythm ‚??Real Talk Riddim" was produced.
What kind of music does Cold Circuit Band plays? Reggae, dancehall, R&B, Hip Hop, Souls, the display of talent in these genras shows their versatility. their mission is entertain and captivate the minds of their listeners bringing happiness and energy as a form of ‚??Circuit to the Cold‚??
After 7 years in the business Cold Circuit Remains Strong and focus to Their calling they now project their musical creativity as a backing band for Jordan Mais, this collaboration is the beginning of greatness in which they hope to soothe the hearts of many around the world.

Follow him on twitter @jordan_mais, Like him on Facebook Jordan Mais Fanpage and For Bookings call 876 374 8293, 876 446 1192, 876 506 1235, 347 805 2462 .
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