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Location: Jakarta-Indonesia
Gender: Male
Born: 11august
Interests: Making music composition
Member: Standard
Joined: February 2013
I am a professional songwriter and music makers in Music Industry Professionals of Indonesia, I am glad to get a job writing songs and arranging music for the song,..

the best we can do more than what we had expected ..
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sambobo: Take time to play because it is the secret of eternal youth
February 28 at 9:02PM
    Gabriowl: Hear Here! Play away, and the days & nights will dance with you
    March 1 at 10:39AM
    sowjicse58: all the best you are doing a good job
    March 13 at 2:25AM
    sambobo: Thank you for your appreciation and your willingness to give of your precious time to hear my song ..

    warm regards
    March 17 at 11:39AM

sambobo: a smile is a form of beauty;''
Do not weaken though just one complaint

have a nice day..
February 27 at 11:03PM

sambobo: I was a songwriter and music maker, I am happy when a job writing songs and arranging music for a song, including songs and music ad
February 26 at 12:05PM

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