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Location: Corona
Gender: Male
Born: January the 1st
Interests: Medicine, Author, Inventor, Musician
Member: Standard
Joined: February 2013
Foreign Language Master, Singer, Writer, Inventor, Web Master, and Book Author. You can read my latest book called, "The Gods of the Bacteria" available at - God Bless All of You!
Be The Best You Can Be Always
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papichulo: I would like to thank everybody out there for helping me to make my music better. I really appreciate all of the positive imput done by the reviewers. I hope my Latin Spanish music was not to hard on anybody. I like to produce Spanish music and I don't believe that there are to many guys like myself who could actually produce a song in Spanish anyway. Thanks again!
March 11 at 1:42AM

papichulo: Hello World! I just uploaded one of my tracks from my CD Azucar Calient... The song is called "Mari Consentira" and it's the first Spanish song written, song, and produced by an African American. This song is very nice and the beat is off the hook!!! Check it out and see for yourself.
February 28 at 8:35PM

papichulo: I am one of the only African American individuals in the United States that has written and produced an ablum in Spanish. I am also an inventor and I have written several books in the past; The Gods of The Bacteria, is the most recent. I am self employed and I work in the medical field as a Physician's Assistant. I have a lot of songs that I have produced and written in English as well. I would like to share one of my hip hop songs with you guys today. Shake Your Little Booty, is the bomb and you are going to love this mix...
February 13 at 8:29PM


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