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Ronnie Gibson
Location: Ohio
Gender: Male
Born: June 10, 1969
Interests: Music, Art, Poetry, Blogging, History, TV & Film, The Beatles, and more!
Member: Standard
Joined: February 2013
Ronnie Gibson is a songwriter, musician and producer who was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ronnie started taking guitar lessons from legendary guitarist Ricky Biszantz of the hard rock group "Rockduster" in Cincinnati in 1982. He wrote his first song at the age of 14, and has been writing songs on a regular basis ever since. Ronnie's music has been covered by some of the top bands in the southwest Ohio area, as well as remixed by some of the more well known DJ's in that area. He has over twenty five years experience on the guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, mandolin and dulcimer. Ronnie has played in several bands in and around the Ohio, and Kentucky area including the popular cover band "The Lazy Aces". Gibson is well known around that area as a top guitar player, and has played with such local legends as H-Bomb Ferguson, Lonnie Mack and many others on the bass guitar. As a professional songwriter he has had continued success on various websites while receiving songwriting offers along with wife Heather Whitley Gibson. Ronnie continues, as in the past, to produce all original music in their audio workshop.
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Ronnie Gibson:

Thanks to everyone that reviewed my songs! I really appreciate all of you taking the time to do so!

February 11 at 7:21PM

Ronnie Gibson:

Gonna lay some vocal tracks on a new version of a much older song!

February 8 at 4:49PM

Ronnie Gibson:

I blog all things music at

February 7 at 7:06PM

Ronnie Gibson:

I also write songs with my wife Heather Whitley Gibson. You can hear us at

February 7 at 7:05PM

Ronnie Gibson:

Writing and recording new songs everyday!

February 7 at 12:35PM


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