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Location: Calais, Vermont
Gender: Male
Born: 1954
Interests: Music,
Member: Standard
Joined: January 2013
too much to say

let the music speak
"I wish I'd said that."
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freezerbeef: I'm going to try and not let it go to my head
April 9 at 5:29PM

FanMusic wrote to freezerbeef: City Of Sin - Halo is the new Song of the Month!
April 9 at 12:10AM
    RonD: Just to say congratz on your win.
    April 9 at 10:52AM
    freezerbeef: I'm incredibly happy about this!
    As I never expected to even be in the running!
    can't wait to tell my son, who engineered the thing
    April 9 at 2:24PM
    Kerri Powles: Just wanted to congratulate you on your win. Well done!
    April 10 at 6:30PM

freezerbeef: Ok, here we go.

I am a graphic designer slash woodworker slash music-guy. I enjoy doing the 2D and 3D stuff . . . but the 'music-guy' part has taken up (and swollen disproportionally into) a special place in my heart.
It actually has pushed the other stuff over to a side chamber (heh heh . . . see? I'm staying with the 'heart' metaphor . . . heh) and set-up its HQs front and center. Bottom line: I. Love. Creating. New. Music. I'm am obsessed.
There. I've said it. New Improvisational Music. I never know how to characterize what it is . . . I mean, it's not so esoteric as to be un-categorizable! I go to music sharing sites and its always OTHER. Pisses me off!
. . . the closest I can come to instrumentally - and I'm not putting myself in league with them - are groups like BONOBO or TORTOISE. I love what they do with a musical idea.
Jazz influenced but not jazz, melodic, percussive and interesting. Rock? WILCO's SUMMERTEETH.

Some musical training; inversions, intervals. . . I get flat 5s vs sharp 4s but don't ask me to sight-read a fixed-do (pronounced 'd'oh!), bass clef phrase unless you've got some time.

I grew up on the Beatles etc. and blah blah BLAH!!! A great appreciation for, but almost NO interest in 'Oldies'. NONE!!!!
However, I cannot claim no-influence from some canonized mainstream musicians. Folk music? . . . mmmaybe but . . . nah! Leonard Cohen, fine.
Chris Smither-y type stuff? . . . ok, but I'm not bowled-over.

I have always been a huge fan of the smoky-voiced and intelligent phrasings of the later period of Joni Mitchell (after 1988) Borderline from Turbulent Indigo a real winner for me. I feel that lyrically, Mitchell is unmatched.
I like my words to be abstract and metaphorical. Cryptic but familiar in a sense. Understatement. Nothing goopy and literal. Try hard to stay away from clich├ęs unless I want to exploit one.

Smitten by Bowie early on, especially his B-sides. Cygnet Committee was a favorite. I am a huge fan of some Soundtrack artists and can even bliss-out with the most naval-gazing ambient crap! It's all good!
I am a hopeless romantic.
eg: Listen to M83's WAIT for gorgeous understatement in melody.
There's a wish-I'd-written-that moment if I ever had one

Love Copland, Bernstein, Vaughn-Williams, Elgar and anything The Anonymous 4 has recorded.

I play guitar, piano (as keys or synth) and an occasional percussive thing.
Would be thrilled to work things up with an electronic-savvy musician that plays an (any) instrument and also knows digital manipulation and beat making.
But that last point is not a deal-breaker. I want to play new, interesting intelligent improvisational music with a like-minded individual.
Rich, meaningful or silly, melodic, sometimes off-beat, maybe quirky but never heard before.

Bob Hannan aka freezerbeef
January 24 at 10:12AM
    SueClayton: Sharp 4 ??? Nice lyrics to your songs!
    January 26 at 2:57PM
    freezerbeef: . . . diatonically speaking. Thank you Sue!
    January 28 at 6:38AM
    SueClayton: You're welcome. I was on a computer without a flash so couldn't listen when I wrote that so...Nice music too ! - glad you're not using those sharp 4's. Good luck here, FM is a great place to meet great people. Shine On! ;)
    February 6 at 4:00PM


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Artist of The Month Winner

Middlemarch finished first in the member created contest "Solo"
November 20 at 12:13AM
City Of Sin - Halo won the contest "Song of the Month"
April 9 at 12:10AM
Wintersmoke finished second in the contest "Vocal Music Contest"
March 31 at 12:10AM
Robinson Hill Road finished third in the contest "Sad Song Music Contest"
March 21 at 12:10AM
Sux In The City finished second in the contest "Rock Music Contest"
February 10 at 12:08AM

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