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Location: Toronto, Canada
Gender: Male
Born: Sept,18/1991
Interests: Music
Member: Standard
Joined: December 2012
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Michael Idziak
Night to Eternity
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Infinity: Download the "After Dark" Mixtape for FREE:
May 1 at 4:10PM

Infinity: New Music Video on the new Youtube Channel!! AFTER DARK MIXTAPE COMING OCTOBER 31ST!
October 22 at 12:52PM

Infinity: After Dark EP coming soon! Keep posted.

Follow on Twitter @InfinityMusik
February 12 at 10:44AM

FanMusic wrote to Infinity: Congratulations! Gla$$ Man won the contest "Hip Hop"
September 25 at 12:08AM
    twisty: congratulations
    September 25 at 4:19AM
    Infinity: Thank you to everybody who voted! Couldn't appreciate it more.
    September 25 at 10:01AM

Infinity: Thank you to EVERY SINGLE PERSON taking the time not only to listen but to comment as well. I appreciate your kind words. Stay tuned! you can also follow me on twitter @InfinityMusik if you'd like to keep updated! SHOUT OUT TO EVERY ONE AT FANMUSIC!
May 31 at 3:04PM

Infinity: "Just because I'm losing, doesn't mean I've lost" - B.O.B
January 5 at 11:40AM

Infinity: Come listen and download "The Brainstorm Volume.1" and more music at OR Thanks again to everyone supporting.
January 1 at 1:11PM

Infinity: Hey! Thank you for stopping by! For more music by Infinity visit Stay tuned for the "Poetry In Motion Brainstorm Volume.2 Mixtape" coming early Jan 2013.
December 30 at 11:07AM


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Gla$$ Man won the contest "Hip Hop"
September 25 at 12:08AM

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