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Location: Malta
Gender: Male
Born: 1995
Interests: Music, Science, Art, Architecture, Guitar and Piano
Member: Standard
Joined: December 2012
I'm Ritchie, a german guy who moved to Malta some time ago. I compose a lot of music (often classical music), often times for either guitar or piano, both of them being instruments I play. However, my main instrument still is the guitar and I play the guitar a lot (and a lot, well, is A LOT in this case haha). However, I'm just as interested in many fields other than music, particularly science and architecture.
So much butter.
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CrimsonDiamond: Hi guys, I just discovered this site so I guess I'm still a noob here but I do find it appropriate to introduce myself first. :) I'm Ritchie, a moody, often rather abrupt and dark person with quite a passion for both science and music. As a result, I end up often writing weird, threatening musical pieces in different classical styles (not atonal, yet). I do find them quite enjoyable and interesting, but sometimes I'm just as unsure about other compositions of mine. I started out some three years back by composing in a contemporary metal and rock sound, but moved away from this soon enough by experimenting with classical music and discovering my love towards classical, jazz and progressive rock music. Nowadays I nearly listen to every kind of music (dubstep, electronic, hip hop, rock, pop, progressive rock, heavy and trash metal, even death metal and progressive metal, quite some jazz (different kinds), classical, baroque, romantic and even some more :D
My favorite band over the years must be Pink Floyd, closely followed by King Crimson. Then the opinions diverge so much on so many great artists that I can't list any others haha
You can imagine that this broad range of influences will certainly affect my music and in fact it does, quite so. That doesn't mean that you'll listen to my compositions and hear tons of PF dropping out, no all the influences are subtle and form a whole, which is my style.
I hope to hear of you guys here and hopefully you'll enjoy my music and comment and critizise it :)
All the Best,
December 29 at 5:01AM

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