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Location: Swansea
Gender: Female
Born: 30/10/1948
Interests: Music, Writing, Travel, reading etc.
Member: Standard
Joined: December 2012
Singer-songwriter living in South Wales, U.K. now retired (but not from music!) Both my daughtres play guitar and sing but only one of them, Rose actually lives with me and my husband, and both help me in all my efforts at photography which gives me time to create my music and homespun videos and recordings.
It's not over till its' over!
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Kakalaki Kid
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pmauk1: 6 weeks (or so) to Christmas - it sure comes round faster and fastr each year! But as its a time for fun and laughterand jollification in general, and of course L U R V E!! I am going to upload a love song apropriately entitled, 'I Want You' (never mind the presents and all the rest!!) Happy Christmas!

November 11 at 7:33PM

pmauk1: Sadly, cold not find the MP3 file for my song 'Hot all Over' - shall seach and get back if I can find it!
July 13 at 7:20PM

pmauk1: We are having a heatwave at the moment with temperatures reaching 30 degrees Centigrade and more in some areas which is real HOT for the U.K. So O decided to upload a song today called 'Hot All Over!!' written and recorded sometime ago though I just made a video of it but not in thre right format. Shall try and change the format so it can be shared with you all.

July 13 at 7:07PM

pmauk1: I have written many poems, and a book as well as a musical and a few plays. Currently taken up with making videos of all my songs using personal photos/pictures and ony this week had one of my videos of the cover hymn 'What a friend we have in Jesus', played on Revelation TV - a TV station based in Spain but mainly UK based but they also share their broadcasts with many US stations like The 700 Club, Daystar etc. and I hope to get more songs played on this station as well as other MP3's on local radio if not national radio.
July 13 at 6:53PM
    Kakalaki Kid: Congratz love, it saddens me that no one responds on these things. But as a fellow UK born and raised I know that accomplishment to be just. Cheer to you and your lovely family
    August 9 at 5:59PM

pmauk1: Happy Easter to one and all! Here's a UTube link to share a video of a cover song I recorded some time ago which I thought was appropriate for Easter. The pictures are up to date and recent and show myself and my daughter Rose as well. Hope you like it.
March 31 at 9:52PM

pmauk1: Housebound and Snowbound - the weather is so unkind - but, its a great time I find, to relax and unwind so of course, I don't mind!!
January 23 at 3:14PM

pmauk1: Merry Christmas everyone - May there be Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind!
December 24 at 5:46PM

pmauk1: My name is Delphine Allen and I'm a singer/songwriter from Swansea, South Wales, UK. I have been singing snce I was five years old and my husband, Patrick Allen, who also writes songs, has been encouraging me to promote my music for some years now so I have finally decided to 'display my wares' as it were on your forum , Fan Music as chosen by him. I have had some songs played on various radio stations over the years and wrote a tribute to Princess Diana which was broadcast on local TV. Some of my own songs and 'covers' can be found on UTube at 'DellaWales' and 'lestweforgetpma'.
December 22 at 7:20PM


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The best is yet to come finished second in the contest "Rock Music Contest"
September 22 at 12:08AM
Solitude and I finished second in the contest "Romance Music Contest"
August 1 at 12:08AM
You Are Loved! finished third in the contest "Love Song Music Contest"
July 27 at 12:08AM
He used to do no wrong.. finished second in the contest "Deepest Feelings Music"
June 6 at 12:08AM

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