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Location: nigeria
Gender: Male
Born: 27/12/1975
Interests: singing and song production
Member: Standard
Joined: December 2012
this is my debut album.i write and produce all my songs. some are mixed with local slangs but overall i believe you will love my compositions.
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Haris Secerovic
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napy jay
Snappy: welcome to my profile i want to remain anonymous for now. no songs will be posted to avoid any revenge ratings on me and prevent me from doing my job properly; i am not going to be intimidated by anyone. i am a music producer and song writer. i noticed in this forum the topmost reviewers are more or less spam reviewers. they will review your work in general terms for the sole purpose of gunning for the reviewer of the month and the chance to pocket the 100 dollars or so reward. me iam not interested in any of that; i am here to help my fellow musicians and will tell you in clear technical terms exactly what is wrong with your song and what needs done. also, some top reviewers have tendencies to give only 5 and 4 stars, but not me. i will give 5 stars to deserving works as well as 1 star to underserving works. no sacred cow. i believe i am the most honest, frank and highly technical reviewer in this forum. go and read my past reviews if you have any doubt.
January 18 at 7:03PM
    SueClayton: Actually some of those top reviewers have been here for awhile and they've become really good at reviewing if you ask me. But you can always mute a few reviewers who are gunning for you. I was also very nervous of people reviewing my songs at first. I can imagine how you must feel. I also debuted my album here and I wasn't too keen on hearing about how my songs should be changed. But I quickly grew to love this site. There are lots of great people and there's lots of nice music. I don't think anyone has the only right opinion about other people's or anywhere. And, I think if you're on this site and you've got some should share them. I don't see the point of only reviewing. I can see the point of only listening. : )
    January 22 at 1:24AM
    music4u: where is your song ?
    January 22 at 7:28PM
    music4u: wow there you are good stuff

    January 22 at 7:38PM
    ramish: Dear Snappy. I am also here to help you to become a very good artist by putting my most honest critics on you. But unfortunately your "music" (If someone can call this CAT'S MEWING a "music") doesn't resist any comparisons. If you say that you are "such a honest" reviewer, then why do you call MY critics on your songs an "intimidation"? There was no one in whole this site who gave you more then 1 star. Why are you taking away my right to tell you the "TRUETH YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TOLD"? I already reviewed you twice. After that you removed all your songs, right? I am planning to continue reviewing you as soon as you publish anything. Looks like you don't have any future here with your music? Is your future here only as a reviewer spoiling other people's scores? I don't think so. Soon you will find yourself muted by all of them! Or do you think you are a Messiah here? I am afraid you are very wrong.
    Take my advise: Don't ever do anything to others that you don't want to be done to yourself. When you mark someone with 1 or 2 star that means: "I don't care about your music, just I hate (!) you". That's what that means only. Simply give other people respect for their effort and you will get the same back. If you don't understand someone's music, that doesn't mean that you should judge it and mark it with your inconfidence (you even don't know how to hum). If you want to become a full scaled member of any community, first study to behave yourself there. You are not an only musical Messiah here! There are lot of geniuses like you here, Check users like ViciusGreenMonster, Vanirof, RedQueen. They really publish things deserving your comments. Don't touch others. OK?
    February 2 at 10:41AM
    DennisGlenn: Hello RAMISH! I saw the way you commented on Snappy profile and I was thinking...goosh, he must have offended you somehow.

    But the truth is that I know Snappy in person, I know that all what made Snappy a musician is not in singing alone... he has come a long way from the early eighties as a nation-wide dancer with the Madman-Jaga crew. While we were busy dancing break-dance, Snappy carved out a unique and eccentric style for himself and became an instant hit with the crowd and fans following.

    While I must accept with you that you may find his song production not what you expect, I think it is largely due to the fact that he doesn't play any instrument at all... he is an engineer and just as he hinted here, had been busy with work. I just taught him how to use the fruity-loop software recently and before you know it he began to churn out his own productions. I know he has a very unique singing style and technique not common at all. Without instrumentation, I have heard him sing many of his composed songs and I think highly of them. I, unlike Snappy, I am an instrumentalist with many years of experience and you can go to my profile and listen to my songs there!

    Ramish just be careful you don't castigate someone for rating another person 1 or 2 stars. The fact is I am schooling in UOPeople an online university that uses peer-to-peer rating. I, as a person, like rating those that did well only a 4 or 5 in my school, but not all people adhere to this believe! I once had a running battle with a guy who began grading me poorly... complaining to my instructors and pleading with the guy himself didn't yield any result, that was when I realize that once an individual is given a right, it is his right, and nobody can stop him from using it... just as Snappy is doing and everyone here has the right to do. Rather blame the authority here for allowing that option here. Eventually, I had to retaliate against this fellow, discreetly, till he slowed down.

    March 2 at 4:01AM
    ramish: Wow, wow, wow, such an interesting intimidation... But I am not scared. Why? Because I have same rights to score anybody like you do and he does. No one is professional here. People from the tops of the chart are house wives, engineers, and others not related to music professionals. And I don‚??t care about his good or bad personality. Here we judge people not by personality but by their music. And his music really sucks... It is PRIMITIVE. Including his singing. That's also OK for me, I shall simply walk away and don‚??t listen for it. But when he with music-professor‚??s attitude starts to teach other people (who are much more talented then him) and he marks their accounts with his non-valuable advises and low scores. It becomes really interesting to listen for his level. I listened for him very careful, and I simply gave him a score that he really deserves. He cannot understand music that is even little bit more serious then his own mewing. This case I shall not stay a side. And give him my personal message: ‚??study to respect others. It doesn‚??t meter if you like or understand them or no‚??.
    BTW Snappy now has an other name here as well: Duky. Isn‚??t it? And before he was Snapy-nap. So may be you are also one of his avatars? Be careful, brother. And good luck.
    March 11 at 2:26PM


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