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Location: Calgary AB
Gender: Female
Born: july 30 1984
Interests: life,music,family an luv
Member: Standard
Joined: November 2012
Singing and song writting has been my out since I was 5. Another place to escape. My light when my world become cold and dark. A way to let out the built up energery deep inside me out, no matter good or bad.

Now Ive been a mama since I was 16years old. my son and I have grown up together in many ways. He is now 11 years old. He is'nt as depended on me any more.With all his friends and activities. So now I feel it my heart it is time to pull out everything I have inside me. everything that I have been holding on to. just waiting for the right time to let it all out. passion,power,words.... MUSIC!!!
Now it is my time to SHINE!!!
Be true to who you are
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Eon Mallett
golldendreams: So excited to get started on my new life in cold Calgary AB.. BRRR!
so many thoughts an songs running around in me mind. Now it starts never to end!! :)
November 14 at 7:34PM


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