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Location: Los Angeles
Gender: Female
Born: St. Louis, MO
Interests: Music, Film, Politics
Member: Premier Artist
Joined: September 2012
I'm Dana R. G. from the mid-west originally, but now I live in L.A. I'm self taught as far as the piano, arranging, structure, etc. All of my previous experience has been in the study, performing and composition of vocal songs. I have made my living as a singer but am now playing with instrumentals. I plan on taking courses in instrumental songwriting and creative writing. Thank you for listening.
Different is Beautiful-Be true to the Song in your Heart
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Byno David
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Kerri Powles
whoman beenz
Joshua Empyre
Haris Secerovic
FanMusic wrote to Danarg: The Wanderer is the new Song of the Month!
June 26 at 12:13AM
    Kerri Powles: Congratulations Dana! I had no doubt that this was a winner! 👍😁
    June 26 at 8:21AM
    Danarg: Oh sweetheart, I cannot believe I'm just finding out!! I've moved and will send you a message. But thank you for your vote!
    July 10 at 6:58PM
    Danarg: Kerry, all setteled in to my place and setting up a whole new studio. Thank you for all of your support and please get back to me. I'd love to keep in touch.
    November 24 at 7:17PM

Danarg: I've been away for a while pondering and getting in touch with what I want my music to say. My original music (the last 5 songs) were mainly comfort music, but I realize that I want to now express more than that. Don't get me wrong, the comfort music really serves the purpose of relaxation and gentleness, but I want to express more. I hope my next songs will do just that. Thank you for listening and as always, comments and suggestions are always appreciated as I can only learn from them.
May 9 at 5:52AM

FanMusic wrote to Danarg: Congratulations! Summer's End won the contest "Deepest Feelings Music"
August 20 at 12:08AM

FanMusic wrote to Danarg: Suddenly is the new Song of the Month!
July 9 at 12:08AM


None yet.
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The Wanderer
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Summer's End
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Artist of The Month Winner

Hold Gently My Heart finished first in the member created contest "Emotional Music Contest"
March 7 at 12:13AM
The Wanderer won the contest "Song of the Month"
June 26 at 12:13AM
Summer's End won the contest "Deepest Feelings Music"
August 20 at 12:08AM
Suddenly won the contest "Song of the Month"
July 9 at 12:08AM

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