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Eric Grow
Location: Montreal
Gender: Male
Member: Standard
Joined: September 2012
I'm a singer/songwriter guitarist from Montreal, Canada. My passion for country music has inspired me to write several upbeat and romantic ballads.

I have been a DJ for many years and was given the opportunity to sing and perform at many events. For years I've been writing and recording from home. I recently decided to have some professional demos done of my songs.

My goals and dreams at the moment are to get them published and recorded by known artists. Looking forward to many more upcoming recording projects in the near future.
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Loyd C. Taylor, Sr.
Kerri Powles
Haris Secerovic
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Loyd C. Taylor, Sr.
Eric Grow: I really enjoy listening to everybody's creative song ideas. Keep up the good work everybody, you are all amazing!
October 29 at 10:47PM
    pmalman: Thank you Eric! We will :)
    November 2 at 2:08PM
    SueClayton: Break a leg at your event tonight. Shine On!
    November 17 at 6:30PM
    SueClayton: Thanks for playing 'Riding' in Montreal. That's soooo cool!!! : )
    November 28 at 1:36PM
    Eric Grow: Hey Sue! Congratulations! on your new cd release.I love every song on the album, it's an amazing cd!.I hope the whole world gets to hear it...
    February 5 at 9:18PM
    SueClayton: Thanks Eric! I'm happy to hear that. And so nice to see you back here again! : )
    February 22 at 8:47PM
    kenny strika: Nice one Eric, wish to see
    March 9 at 12:24PM

FanMusic wrote to Eric Grow: Now and Forever is the new Song of the Month!
October 9 at 12:08AM
    SueClayton: Congratulations Eric! :)
    October 9 at 1:25AM
    Eric Grow: Thanks Sue, Congratulations! to you too for last month.
    October 9 at 7:11PM
    SueClayton: Thanks; it's an exciting contest to win. Enjoy your month! :)
    October 10 at 12:56AM


No songs posted.

None yet.

No writing posted.
Now and Forever reached "All Time Best" status.
March 11 at 11:18AM
Kevin's Song reached "Recognized" status.
October 25 at 2:07AM
Come on Home reached "Recognized" status.
October 18 at 2:07AM
Now and Forever reached "Recognized" status.
October 16 at 2:07AM
Now and Forever won the contest "Song of the Month"
October 9 at 12:08AM

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