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Location: Detroit
Gender: Male
Born: 2-16-87
Interests: Guitar, music, food, video games, smoking
Member: Standard
Joined: July 2012
Some of the crappier things I've done make it on youtube.
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Vasim Musayev
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davey7865: Originality isn't something you're born with. It's something you strive for.
October 28 at 5:55AM
    SueClayton: Looking forward to hearing more of your original music and hopefully soon! ;)
    March 21 at 1:54PM
    SueClayton: Well how about striving to post some more of those original sounds I know you already have.
    November 11 at 1:10AM

davey7865: My newest song was a 4-star flop! lol. And I promoted it! Artist ranking is falling!
October 26 at 9:38AM
    Seagull: No worries. The rating system here is a bit strange at times, I've noticed. Some reviewers on here don't seem to take the time to explain why they've given you the stars they did.. But, for the record, I thought the song was awesome. :)
    October 30 at 1:15AM
    davey7865: Thanks! Yes, at times, even I'm confused about how to rate something. I try to rate songs for their quality as a SONG, not a recording. And yet... if somebody posts something, and the vocals are off time, or everything sounds fuzzy, or something bad... It can become real hard not to feel like you're listening to a 3 or 4 star song. I think the highest rated songs on this website are usually "decent" songs, but it's the production value that seems to get them 5-star votes. I don't necessarily think it should be that way, and yet most of the people on here are working towards writing and recording songs in hopes of gaining a fan base and/or making money. And so, if the recording is bad, I think they need to know. But if the song is great and the recording is bad, I still give them 5-stars.
    October 31 at 6:37PM
    SueClayton: Hi! Interesting thoughts. You are right! Recording quality shouldn't matter. But not only well produced songs get up there in the FM ranks. Our #2,ckbesq, records her voice and guitar on a simple home system and she sounds great... cuz her songs are awesome and she sings and plays them well. So, I think, everything every-which-way happens: high production on bad songs, poor production on great songs, great production on great songs... but the good songs usually speak for themselves. It's just that production can be helpful to really show them off. Production is something I waited years to get. There were plenty of years when I didn't have it.
    As far as rating goes...often I don't know what to say other than I like it, so I might talk about something else to fill the required space. Who really cares? I'm not a professional reviewer. But I'm beginning to think that many of us on this site are becoming better at reviewing than many of those so called professional reviewers. For example, you are really good at it! Why? Because I think so. Shine On! ;)
    November 10 at 1:06AM
    davey7865: Thanks!! :) I agree, this site has a little bit of everything as far as talent goes. I think if there's one thing that reviewing has made me realize, it's that the hardest commodity to come by in the world of music isn't skill, production value, or melody, or vocals... it's creativity.

    In popular music, I find there's usually no actual creativity. There's implied creativity - the sense that you are hearing something creative, but if you were to really break it down, they're copying other people.

    You're actually more likely to hear creativity on this website than you are on a mainstream radio station.

    However, the radio songs are pulled to success through solid, proven song writing techniques, high production value, and marketable choices of "implied creativity" - basically, they rip off marketable sounds and turn it into an even more marketable song.

    Which is really why modern day music kind of sucks... It's moving VERY slowly, and the majority of movement is due to computers, not talent or style or skill.

    I would even say that 90% of the time a song contains a truly creative element, it is creative PRODUCTION, and NOT creative musicality.

    Assuming I'm right, why are the producers so much more creative than the musicians?

    Because production and computers are moving at an ASTONISHING rate. The gear is constantly getting better, cheaper, easier to use... You almost can't tell the difference anymore between a 1969 Leslie in mint condition and a cheap digital effect.

    If this is true or not, it doesn't explain why the musicians are lacking. Just because producers are creative doesn't mean the musicians don't have room to be, also...

    It's not totally the musicians faults - record labels, radio stations, retailers, whoever - they are afraid to release something different. They are stuck inside of a box which they've labeled as the "safe zone."

    Why are they suddenly scared? I read a week or two ago, Riannah or someone (that I don't listen to) had the #1 selling album in the U.S. which sold UNDER 7,000 COPIES!!

    After studio costs ($20,000), promotion ($10,000), songwriting royalties, manufacturing costs... They can't make money off of anything less than a hit!

    And yet, for some reason, they still control the majority of the music which becomes "popular," and we hear it all the time...

    How's this for a long winded reply!! Haha.

    Even on this website, I might be exaggerating if I said 1 in 10 songs had something which my high standards would consider to be a "creative idea."

    Even my own songs; I have a lot of ideas, and I think that if creativity were the sole criterion upon which we judged music, I could be a top 100 artist within a few years.

    But, my process is creative, about half the time; I can say, 50% of the time, I've never heard anything like what I'm attempting to create. But if the end result isn't very desirable, it's not a creative end result.

    Maybe, I could strap dynamite to the moon and do something nobody has ever done, thus making a creative action, however, the end result, destruction, is nothing new.

    Just some things to think about, lol.
    November 12 at 1:43AM
    SueClayton: I think you're right about all that stuff. (Leave the moon alone tho haha.) Good thing for the indie scene. Gotta love that! Still basically need production but we have excellent home recording options. Us indie artists have the freedom to create from our hearts rather than a set of standard requirements. Not to mention there is tons of net exposure to be had if wanted. But highly creative people have always been few and far between. ;)
    November 12 at 3:42AM
    davey7865: Yes. Although, I sort of feel like what I said about myself being creative, it might have been a stretch. Sometimes I get a big head, lol. I'm creative because I create a lot, but I'm no super genius. I strive to be different, but that doesn't mean I always am.

    Of course, freedom to create is good. I still wouldn't mind selling out if I had the chance, lol.
    November 13 at 6:21AM
    SueClayton: lol back at cha. : )
    November 25 at 2:00AM

davey7865: too tired to write/record tonight. did a little mixing/editing and jamming with the band earlier, though. will have a new song soon. not TOTALLY sure how i feel about it.
August 3 at 6:23AM


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