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Location: France
Gender: Male
Born: 1974
Interests: Music
Member: Standard
Joined: July 2012
Multi-instrumentalist with an original approach, in varied and contrasted styles, FGO leads you trough a world inspired by the musical ideals of the 70s.
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Kakalaki Kid
Pavlos Azn
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Paco Reth
Fgo70: !!! Happy new year / Best wishes for 2014 !!!
January 2 at 3:39AM

Fgo70: Happy new year & Best musical wishes to all !
January 7 at 7:53AM
    SueClayton: Hey #3, Finally !!! at the top! Congratulations !! : )
    January 16 at 6:03PM
    Fgo70: Thank you Sue ;)
    January 24 at 9:51AM
    SueClayton: Great to see you are still at the top where you belong!
    September 5 at 2:54PM

FanMusic wrote to Fgo70: Charming Flowers is the new Song of the Month!
December 9 at 12:08AM
    SueClayton: This is something you have deserved for a long time. Many great big congratulations to you!!! : )
    December 9 at 2:08PM
    Jazzman67: I agree with Sue totally:-) , congrats my brother from another mother:-) , lol.
    December 10 at 3:16AM
    Fgo70: Thank you very much ;)
    Our Mother Nature, bro ;)
    December 10 at 2:23PM

Fgo70: Hey YOU ! You can listen and/or download the full album "So sweet" ->
This album is inspired by the funk/rock/fusion of the 70's.

July 28 at 1:48PM

Fgo70: Hello community ! Multi instrumentalist with an original approach presents his work. Enjoy!
July 2 at 3:49PM
    SueClayton: Hey Fgo70, Love your music! So much talent! Can't wait to hear more. ;)
    October 20 at 1:05AM
    Fgo70: Thank you very much Sue ! I'm working on an EP for this project ... titles coming soon ;)
    October 25 at 9:27AM
    SueClayton: Awesome! Let me know when it's out. ;)
    October 25 at 11:57PM


None yet.
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Track 10 of the album Charming Flowers

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Music is good for your health
An another track for the album coming soon

The journey of a fly
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Funky Trip
A funky trip from a new EP coming soon

Nothing will be changed (instru)
A guitar ballad

Charming Flowers
A new title from a new album (coming soon)

Worlds Apart - Groovtopia
Worlds Apart are Jazzman67 & Paco Reth


Artist of The Month Winner

Free time reached "Recognized" status.
December 15 at 2:07AM
Charming Flowers won the contest "Song of the Month"
December 9 at 12:08AM

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