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Location: Canada
Gender: Female
Born: November
Interests: Garage sales, Chai tea, filmmaking and getting lost someplace interesting
Member: Standard
Joined: June 2012
Not too much to my "schtick." I play around with Garageband, a borrowed guitar and a uke.
I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.
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Haris Secerovic
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Kerri Powles
Haris Secerovic
Seagull: Can spring just hurry it up already...??
April 7 at 10:20PM

Seagull: Happy New Year!!

(FanMusic is sure growing up fast...)
January 1 at 10:46PM

Seagull: Time to unpack the snow suits...
October 23 at 9:05PM

FanMusic wrote to Seagull: Congratulations! Danny Boy won the contest "Ballad Music"
August 6 at 12:08AM
    pmalman: Very good song! Congratulations!
    August 7 at 11:28PM
    Seagull: Thanks!
    August 20 at 5:34PM

Seagull: Man, I wish this process was faster... *beats head against wall*
July 8 at 4:47PM
    Stringbeing: Well, the rhythm is good. Considering that you're lurching your shoulders forward and back again to hit the wall with your head, it's remarkably consistent.

    It might help artistically, if you tried different parts of your head against different types of wall.

    For instance, smacking your forehead against stucco produces a different feel than hitting the top of your head against a wooden door jamb.

    I give it four stars, and I offer that the way to five stars in this instance might be to try different parts of your anatomy on different parts of your house.

    Some artists have made exquisite sounds banging their shins on open kitchen drawers... just in example.
    July 9 at 2:42AM

Seagull: To my fellow Canucks out there... Happy Canada Day!!!!
July 1 at 12:19PM
    SueClayton: I'm a Canucks fan too!
    July 12 at 4:41PM

Seagull: I wish my fingers were faster.
June 26 at 7:26PM
    SueClayton: I wish mine were more accurate!
    July 15 at 3:48PM


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Danny Boy reached "Recognized" status.
October 27 at 10:07AM
Danny Boy won the contest "Ballad Music"
August 6 at 12:08AM

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