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Location: Atlanta
Gender: Female
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Joined: May 2012
Don't stop singing until you are heard
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AmandaPhillips: Website for Amanda Phillips can now be found by yahoo or bing sight by typing in Amanda Phillips Country Singer...Check it out! Thank you all for your support! My fans are my family! God bless!
October 15 at 12:54PM

AmandaPhillips: Thank you to all who have reviewed my songs so far! Music is taking off and it's a blessing to have the opportunity to hear all feed back! Thank you, Amanda
July 1 at 10:03PM

AmandaPhillips: Amanda Phillips has been involved in all aspects of the music business for the majority of her life, including
performing, writing, and touring.

After Amanda graduated high school, she earned a degree in Live Performance/Technology from Guilford
Technical Community Colleges Larry Gatlin School of Entertainment Technology. She has performed in bands
travelling throughout much of the continental United States and the Virgin Islands.

In 2005, Amanda moved to Nashville, Tennessee, there she joined NSAI, became affiliated with BMI, she also
began performing at open mic nights, songwriters conventions and events. Amanda is known for her powerful
delivery, style, and has set out to be the voice that country music has never heard. Her lyrics speak through
experience while the chords that back her fill the audience by sound, hitting any note that puts the true emotion
out for listeners to feel each word. Amanda has diversity in all styles, but is best represented and known in the
country genre. New to Atlanta, GA in 2012, Amanda took to the stage winning the finale in the artist development
competition called Whos Got That Vibe!

Her dedication to both her craft and her audience shows in every performance Amanda makes and in every
song she writes! Amanda stands in admiration to all who follow her as she says Dont stop singing until you are
May 8 at 8:53AM


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