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Location: St. Johns
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kirklands_shed: Update: our bass player has taken over the lead vocals!! And found ourselves a most excellent bassist, welcome Bryan James to the group
August 8 at 6:10PM

kirklands_shed: Gonna be hitting up the jam spot for a writing session with the guys from kirklands shed today. Got 5 new sick songs to work on
June 16 at 6:54AM

kirklands_shed: Found a great new lead singer, new original material and a new jam spot!! Hello 2013!!
January 18 at 6:09AM

kirklands_shed: Is there an unwritten law or something against starting a jam at 10:30 in the morning? Cause we are about to break it. Picked up another lead guitarist, but still looking for a lead singer.
November 25 at 6:43AM

kirklands_shed: Here's the link to watch a little vid I made for "Get Along"

Wish I had more material to work with
November 13 at 7:57PM

kirklands_shed: Got a video posted on YouTube for "Keep the Music Loud" for anyone who is interested. Spent more than a few hours cutting our jam and gig vids to put this one together.

Have a watch!!
November 9 at 8:37PM

kirklands_shed: Well, it looks like "Kirklands Shed" is ending here. Randy, our virtuoso lead singer, had to leave for the other side of the country for personal reasons. We all wish him the best out west from your best friends here on the east coast.
I saved our favorite song to play for last, it may not be our most popular song but we all loved playing it live.
Here it is... "Little Nuggets (rockin' man)" written in Kirklands Shed, by Kirklands Shed.
October 27 at 1:39PM

kirklands_shed: Uploaded a new version of "You Said It" and also uploaded "Get Along", a song that the whole band had a hand in writing. Fun to play and fun to listen to.
October 27 at 11:56AM

kirklands_shed: Excellent show last night!! The crowd was great and the music was tight and flawless. Couldn't have asked for a better night. Back to writing new music in the next couple of weeks, stay tuned!!
August 23 at 8:54AM

kirklands_shed: Regatta Party tomorrow night July 31st in beautiful downtown St Johns's. Regatta Day is our only holiday that depends on the weather. Bring on the sun!!
July 30 at 7:52PM

kirklands_shed: Gonna try my hand at choppin a music video on wednesday. Fun times!!
July 30 at 5:06AM

kirklands_shed: Great show last night with an electric crowd!! Still feelin the energy. Special thanks to the fetish party upstairs for providing jokes all night long. Awesome night!!
July 22 at 4:07PM

kirklands_shed: Tonight Kirklands Shed at the Rose and Thistle, show starts at 10:30pm. Gonna be a packed house!!
July 21 at 11:42AM

kirklands_shed: Brand new song for the world to hear!! Sunnyside has been released!!
July 21 at 11:40AM

kirklands_shed: Final mixes are in!! Can't wait to get home and check em out. New music here soon!!
July 20 at 10:03AM


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Little Nuggets (Rockin' Man)
They Finally Got What they Came For

Get Along
a little hard rock for ya

Keep the Music Loud
New song by Kirklands Shed

Sunnyside - Kirklands Shed
You gotta check this out!!

Away from the Sun
raw mix for auditioning drummers

Can't Wear Hats in Here
a little blues rock

When I'm Gone
written and performed by Kirklands Shed

You Said It
written by Chris Short performed by Kirklands Shed


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