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Location: Biloxi,Ms
Gender: Male
Born: April 13, 1995
Interests: being successful, and making music for the people
Member: Standard
Joined: April 2012
been writing music since I was 11 years old. Then I use to just write about things that made me feel good or things about life. an all the way from then to now I been wanting to achieve a dream that some may not achieve, but I will work an earn my way to the top no matter what.
Never give up on something you want to achieve
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young-moneyt: i kinda wish i was somewhere on the top rankings for artist right about now
May 9 at 8:36PM

young-moneyt: Looking forward to being a successful person in life
April 24 at 7:40PM
    Jaydune: hi there please check the music on my profile thanx :)
    May 7 at 5:54AM

young-moneyt: No matter what I never give up no matter how bad or how hard the situation is.
April 24 at 6:33PM
    loveth: hello
    my name is loveth i m single seeking for good friendship after viewing your profile here at this site so i decided to contact you i want you to be my friend and also i would like to know more about you it will be a pleasure to read from you if you wouldnt mind you can email me in private at so that i can reply you and also tell you more about me and send my piture to you i will be expecting your mail soon kiss with love your new lovely friend loveth sonoma
    April 29 at 6:18PM


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