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Location: Dubai, UAE
Gender: Male
Born: Chennai, India
Interests: Singing, Music, Playing various Instruments, Composing, Dancing, Photography
Member: Standard
Joined: April 2012
Music is everything to me, Its like my family. Music is my breath, can't live without it:). A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence, on feelings. Play it, enjoy it, listen to it with all your heart.... my youtube videos
One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain, you only feel pleasure, passion, love for music;)
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balajiram: wow great to know that i am now the 7th ranked artist and the 5th ranked reviewer in this fanmusic site. Feeling honored to be a part of this fantastic website. Thanks everyone for making this happen........
July 5 at 5:37AM

balajiram: hey my friends and musicians, check this out, me doing live instrumentals for my self composed tracks:) in a indians musicians forum event held in dubai on 4th of Sept 2015 :) thanks.
September 6 at 1:23AM

FanMusic wrote to balajiram: Congratulations! PianoCello won the contest "Heartbreak Music Contest"
September 4 at 12:13AM
    Kerri Powles: Many congratulations on getting First Prize! I thought this was very beautiful and touching, and a much deserved win!
    September 4 at 12:53AM
    balajiram: thank you kerri for your kind words and i am very happy that i could win this contest:) thanks everyone for your continuous support and i am happy that my music impressed the great musicians and listeners out here:) thanks and cheers
    September 6 at 12:59AM

balajiram: my dear musicians and singers, me performing a instrumental show in dubai tomorrow, guess what i am playing 10 instruments all by myself like a fusion music and i hope it goes well, wish me good luck pls:)
September 3 at 7:19AM

balajiram: heyyyy me so happy that i have been promoted as the 10th ranked artist in this great website amongst so many great musicians, thanks to, keep up the good work guys....
August 31 at 4:14AM

balajiram: wow i am now the 12th ranked artist and the 34th ranked reviewer:) that's quite an achievement i guess, thanks guys and thanks to fanmusic for such a wonderful website... seriously man you guys rock:)
August 19 at 3:09AM

balajiram: hey thanks to fanmusic and my listeners who made me the 10th ranked artist and i am really happy about this. when i actually joined 2 yrs b4 i was just 120th ranked artist and in just 2 yrs i am now the 10th ranked artist and i am really proud of it. thanks to for making people listen to my compositions and reviewing it. i luv this website man........
August 6 at 6:05AM

balajiram: Hey all I am soo happy that I got 1st prize for my own composition and I really appreciate my singer Mr. Nizar who had put his efforts to make this song a success. I also truly thank for this wonderful opportunity given to me for showing my talents:)
October 20 at 4:57AM

balajiram: my goodness, can't believe it that i won the 3rd prize for my singing for the first time in my life. I actually never thought i was a singer and i have always considered myself as a musician. A big thanks to whoever had made me win this and i am very happy and thankful to for giving me this golden opportunity to display my musical talents.
September 10 at 2:11AM

balajiram: well there comes one more second prize for me and i am truly thankful to the guys who has done this website coz it really gives room for people to expose their talents and get the best out of them. thanks and thanks to all my voters who loved my tunes and voted for me.
August 1 at 1:27AM

balajiram: Hey that's really nice to see that i won another 2 prize just on my drums solo. I feel this is a real achievement coz i never thought i will win. Thanks guys who had voted for me and given me the required stars. all the best to everyone.
June 29 at 1:13PM

balajiram: yippieeeeeee!!!! first time i got the first prize, wow i am so happy and thanks for all who had voted for my song and thanks to fanmusic for this fantastic site. Thank you everyone...
May 26 at 4:20AM
    KAB 2: hope to get to your new on the site and hope u check out my music
    September 7 at 5:27PM
    balajiram: welcome to fanmusic my friend, and i am also a starter like you not in this site but in music.
    September 8 at 3:40AM

balajiram: Melancholic moments finished third in the contest "Classical Music Contest", sick of hearing these 3rd places but still a slight happiness that i have won something:)
November 26 at 4:07AM

balajiram: Well Well!! Another 3rd place in the Heart Strings contest. I am really trying my best to get at-least one 1st place in any of the contests i have taken part in. Anyway i am happy coz something is better than nothing:)
October 16 at 2:17AM

balajiram: One more addition to my accomplishments:). won the 3rd place in sad music. wow i am really exited. Actually this music was done for a short film and in that also i won the best music director award locally in dubai:)!!
October 9 at 3:02AM


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robotics finished third in the contest "Techno Music Contest"
February 17 at 12:13AM
PianoCello won the contest "Heartbreak Music Contest"
September 4 at 12:13AM
love blossom finished second in the contest "Acoustic Contest"
May 26 at 12:13AM
Techno finished second in the contest "Techno Music Contest"
February 22 at 12:13AM
Love tune finished third in the contest "Love Song Music Contest"
December 29 at 12:13AM
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November 22 at 12:13AM
song on luv finished first in the member created contest "Classical Music Contest"
October 20 at 12:08AM
Love song finished third in the contest "Vocal Music Contest"
September 10 at 12:08AM

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