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Location: Germany
Gender: Male
Born: Oct 1st,1987
Interests: Music
Member: Standard
Joined: April 2012
I m Mrfasty,i ve actually been writing and singing ever since i was 14.I started doing my own songs while i was in college.Then i used to perform my songs in public shows, i started getting names, which later i stopped due to some reasons. I got back into music late last year.When i could get a Frestyle session with a guitar man,they loved my flows and encoraged me back into music. Here i am today, wish you could listen to my tracks and get to rate me. Thnks as you listen.Would love to do a collabo with who ever likes my style...
What doing is worth doing Best !!
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Aung Du
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mrfreshleke: Where re my old fans??datka98 :)
April 7 at 11:36AM

mrfreshleke: I will like to work with instrumentalist, basically a guitarist, i wish to work an artist of such, anyone who wish we could do that through the net should comment on my post thanks
April 22 at 9:29AM

mrfreshleke: I would like who would need to feature me for a collaboration song, listen to my tracks first
April 17 at 3:04AM
    Tw1zzy: I actually listened to all 5 tracks, and i think your style of music is really good. I can see a project being done but we can start with that collab. (The love you give me)and (pretty girls) are my top picks, but well done for all.
    April 18 at 4:23PM
    mrfreshleke: ok cool, so when re we starting?i checked ur page but didnt find any song on it
    April 20 at 2:12PM


None yet.
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