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Location: WNY
Gender: Female
Born: Buffalo
Interests: Songwriting, golf, reading
Member: Standard
Joined: April 2012
Donna Dutchess SongwriterÔŅľ Biography Stricken with spinal meningitis at the age of 18 months, Donna lost 60% of her hearing. Regardless, music has always been special in her life, remembering ‚??composing‚?? symphonies in her head as early as 5 years old. Being a child of the 60‚??s, the biggest influence in Donna‚??s life musically was the Beatles, couple with a strong exposure to the classics. Being unbearably shy and self-conscious due to her disability, Donna‚??s entire world exploded at the age of 13 when she started playing the guitar and writing music. Determined to set an example for other people with disabilities, she put together several bands over the next 30 years, acquiring local success with Buffalos‚?? first all female country band, touring all over Western New York and Pennsylvania. Besides being the leader of the band, Donna played the guitar, banjo and wrote all the bands original music. Due to the success of her last band ‚??Sweet Phantasy‚?? Donna was featured in a half hour television special focusing on her ability to perform and write music, despite her hearing loss. Now with her performing days behind her, Donna is concentrating all her creative abilities on perfecting her craft of songwriting. Having written 100‚??s of songs over the years, she is writing new and re-writing some old, having them produced and recorded in Nashville for that pure country sound. Tapping in to the wisdom that comes with experience, her music now has taken on a new life, and richness of its own. ‚??Now, I tell it like it is because I‚??ve been there, done that, and have a lot to say‚??.
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Rob Rideout
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Rob Rideout
dutchessdnn: I haven't been on this site in quite a while...I think a couple of weeks. I nearly flipped when I saw that my rating was #3! Let me tell you: I have been so discouraged, that I have been seriously thinking of quitting. After reading my reviews, maybe, just maybe I have a good thing going here?
May 8 at 8:51PM

dutchessdnn: My husband always complained that I never wrote a song about him. In creating the song, I didn't want to write a mushy,typical love song. He was thrilled with the results, I hope you enjoy it.
April 15 at 10:00AM


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