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Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Gender: Male
Born: 1936
Interests: writing for the musical theatre
Member: Standard
Joined: April 2012
Songwriting is only a hobby I pursue in my retirement. I only really got started when I retired at 65 and to date I've composed 10 new musicals for schools, colleges or amateur theatre groups. I also write music for choirs as well as sing-a-long songs for children & scouting groups. Some of my musicals have been produced on the amateur stage. It would be nice to see some of my work taken on some day by one of the professional companies or anyone looking for additional music for their album.
One smile is worth a thousand tears (My mother)
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tynesider: Come on you lot, let's have no more long faces! I know the world is in a state of depression and everbody's 'stoney broke' (well almost everbody). So what's new? However, I think I have the perfect antidote to those morning blues. You need a trip to my doctor's surgery, he has the perfect remedy for all those monetary ills, it won't make you rich but it should make you smile and that's always worth more than gold. Yes my friends, what you need is a good dose of 'PILLS & POTIONS' and it just so happens I am uploading the very medicine right now!
May 16 at 2:37PM

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tynesider: Hey folks. I'm an avid fan of space exploration and the fantastic exploration of Mars by those two Rovers and now another on it's way. So I have penned a couple of songs as a tribute to all the team at NASA for their dedication and hard work. So whilst I'm in this Sci-Fi mood I'll be uploading a few 'universal' numbers which reflect this age of technology.
April 21 at 5:25PM

tynesider: Thanks a bunch all of you music lovers for receiving my music with such enthusiasm. I'll be posting one song per day for the next month or so. I'd be grateful if you would keep listening and posting your comments. I'm trying to whip up enough interest to get some interested parties to help me raise the finance to get my musicals on the professional stage. Nearly all of the songs I'm posting are from my musical plays and judging by your comments so far, I think they'll appeal to the general public. Once again, thanks for listening.. Dennis
April 11 at 2:11PM


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April 16 at 2:07AM

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