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35 Seconds Remain
Location: Polokwane, South Africa
Gender: Male
Born: 01/11/10
Member: Standard
Joined: April 2012
35 Seconds Remain
Started off as a normal get together and just messing around in the garage, just your normal excuse to get together and hang out while enjoying your own compositions, what started off as fun became passion and through the passion of the music 35 Seconds Remain was born.
The name was set together by the creator, Jean Olivier(Drummer), and some of the original band members that where part of the previous bands before 35 Seconds Remain.
The name 35 Seconds Remain was actually a very Random name, we were busy copying stuff from a computer and at one stage the pc froze on �??35 seconds remaining�?? so might seem little cheesy but it felt right at the time.
Description of the band members
Neil Van Der linden
34 years of age , lead vocalist. He is a spontaneous character with a pinch of crazy, a wild card but a good friend and very dedicate to his passion for music . the newest member.
Jean Olivier
23 years old, Drummer. one of the founders of 35 Seconds Remain. A very strict personality and very hard worker. he studied sound engineering and is not only serving the band as a drummer but also a producer and one of the composers to our Demo which will be released soon. Knows what he wants and will keep pursuing it until he gets it
Jacques Horn
18 years old, Lead Guitarist. Not only the youngest member of our band but also the dark and ominous babe magnet �?� seriously we don�??t know how he does it. One of the original members, very silent character but a devoted one , he has a big passion for music .
Heinrich De Beer
20 years old, rhythm guitarist. Also one of the original members a silent character but in a jolly or party environment will entertain you for ours. also a great guitarist and backing vocalist with a big passion for music , he is also one of the bands composers.
Corne Botes
23 years of age and�?� like all bassists the weird one but we still love him. A guy firm in his believes as well as a strong character not being afraid to say something when it needs to be said which don�??t just defines his strong personality but also his character in the band.
Hans J Swart
22 years old, band manager. A dedicated and devoted individual who is also strict in his ways of doing things . Big passion for music but also big hunger for success, he really takes 35 seconds remains to hart and is determined to help the band reach great lengths. He gets things done.

With all these personalities�?� the weirdness, craziness, spontaneous etc we found our working combination. We are all a big family and we stand side by side not only as a band but also as brothers to live for our passion for music and to make every second in life count.
Keep on rocking in the free world.
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Jimi Seven
J Ryz
Eon Mallett
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Vincent Black Shadow
Eon Mallett
Lady moosS
35 Seconds Remain: Thanks all of the people who rated our song, we reached Recognized status for "A New Day" once again thanks for all the support
April 14 at 4:06AM

35 Seconds Remain: Hi, Please take note im changing my display name Hans J Swart to the Band Name 35 Seconds Remain. hope you enjoy the upcoming tracks.
April 9 at 2:31AM
    Eon Mallett: Big Up on "A New Day" You got recognized status. Well Done Guys
    April 13 at 6:37PM
    Zoran: Good energy in your music, fresh modern vocals.
    April 25 at 4:25AM


None yet.
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A New Day reached "Recognized" status.
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