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Tanis York
Location: Ohio
Gender: Male
Interests: Music
Member: Standard
Joined: March 2012
Just trying to become a better musician
Do or do not' there is no try - Master Yoda
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J Ryz
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Tanis York: been gone too the guitar back up and just winged this new one track
June 11 at 3:51PM

Tanis York: i dont know why we were created
April 17 at 11:23AM

Tanis York: another beat this one is finished cant wait to rap over it
April 4 at 10:29AM

Tanis York: one of my beats in progress.. i think its my fav
April 3 at 1:57PM

Tanis York: i really tried to sing this time
April 2 at 9:40AM
    kamacosmic: dude. sorry it took me so long to visit your portfolio. i guess when i heard your latest song i knew you could sing and u had something and i was right. your freakin hero song is the bomb dude. you rock!
    April 2 at 7:34PM
    kamacosmic: dude, you should be much more higher on the ranks man.this site suks sometimes. so many excellent musicians on the bottom pool. you rock man.
    April 2 at 7:36PM
    kamacosmic: Tanis do you think you could send me you hero song so i could put it in my ipod. it sounds great man, is it original. it sounds like a perfect circle or even a tool song dude.

    if your could send it to
    id owe you one of my tracks if u want. lol.
    April 2 at 7:44PM
    Tanis York: it is an original but im working on the vocals right now
    April 3 at 1:45PM
    kamacosmic: cool cant wait to hear it
    April 4 at 12:57AM

Tanis York: is saturday a bad day to post songs???? usually i have reviews by now
March 31 at 10:12AM

Tanis York: i have 5 songs up.....i dindt know i was doing that much work
March 30 at 9:53AM

Tanis York: i sang
March 28 at 12:22PM
    peteyboy1953: i think you are sounding better. keep it up bro!!
    March 29 at 10:47AM

Tanis York: there i tried to sing...and scream.... hope everyone likes it
March 27 at 10:14AM

Tanis York: oh i wish i could sing
March 26 at 12:04PM


No songs posted.

None yet.
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Blame it in bad luck
Cover of Bayside

this is one i did with my Ex.. i just finished it.

Nazi Barmitz
another beat.. i kinda like it

First Reason Beat
idk i got stuc with it. rogh draft

cover of the Raconteurs

Luve in the TUB
Remake of Love in the Club by Ol Drippy

Dont Feed The Fire
needs lyrics and a melody. PLZ listen to the solo

Romance is Bad
Heavy Metal song working on vocals


None yet.

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