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Location: Samoan Islands
Gender: Male
Born: 27/12/81
Interests: Music and sports
Member: Standard
Joined: March 2012
There is no monetary value to great music. It lives forever in the memories and hearts of those that true music touches. It's like gold refined in the fire in which after centuries and centuries have passed away.....You still can't get enough of hearing it. It's platinum in your own time, space and generation. It definitely represents the point in time that you lived and breathed and enjoyed music as one of the greatest mysteries that life brings!
Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration !
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kamacosmic: Hi

Happy new year and God bless you all during this brand new year. Hopes, dreams and aspirations is what it's all about aye?

January 5 at 3:20AM

kamacosmic: Hi

Happy new year and God bless you all during this brand new year. Hopes, dreams and aspirations is what it's all about aye?

January 5 at 3:20AM

kamacosmic: Hi

Happy new year and God bless you all during this brand new year. Hopes, dreams and aspirations is what it's all about aye?

January 5 at 3:19AM

kamacosmic: WOW

It has been ages since ive been here. I'm so busy with work and my second job as a cartoonist and part time article writer in the local newspaper here. lol great to be back
May 7 at 1:53AM

kamacosmic: Hey a brand new year and fresh start for some music ha. yeah so busy lately with work and not enough time for my music but im almost finished something in about 1 month it will be ready so stay tuned
January 20 at 3:22AM

kamacosmic: WOW I have not been here in ages and it feels good to get back on track with the music community.
Ive been so busy getting some musical gear together. just finally gotta good mixer and akg mic so were good for some recordings. just working on a rap song now but its just the intro and needs lots of work. Missed everyone heaps!
August 18 at 7:50AM

kamacosmic: you are love

woops we forgot to introduce the female vocalist which is helenas older sister leilani. hope people digg this rock grooved song!
April 16 at 4:06AM

FanMusic wrote to kamacosmic: For You is the new Song of the Month!
April 9 at 12:08AM
    GTCBand: Love the song Forgive me Lord nice voice great music.
    April 9 at 2:06AM
    Eon Mallett: "
    this is AWESOME!!!!!!!

    Rating for the song For You by kamacosmic

    A seven star rating from the Contest Committee for the recognition this post has received from the FanMusic community. While this was not a Contest Committee decision, the committee recognizes this achievement with a seven star review.

    Comment Written 09-Apr-2012

    2049 Additional Reviews
    April 9 at 2:19AM
    kamacosmic: Guys come on, this means nothing. Its just fanmusics promotion things. Its you people that are the greatest treasure in this community.

    Love you guys, each and everyone of you bros and sisters!
    April 9 at 3:52AM
    Sajeel Kapoor: It took me 4 hours to make that one :D
    April 12 at 9:55AM
    kamacosmic: wow thats short time for somethign really professional but then again, your a real pro!
    April 13 at 2:30AM
    Sajeel Kapoor: Hey thanks for are a pro and my bro too! :D yaw! m/
    April 13 at 5:08AM
    Sajeel Kapoor: Seriously...treviffic was a premium member too..why will the website kick him? Loosing cool happens to most of us. This is not fair.
    April 18 at 12:29AM
    Tw1zzy: forgive me lord is a very nice song
    April 18 at 4:42PM
    L.lora: Congrats on a fantastic job. Nice pulse, smooth flowing melody and a dynamite vocalist.. Most enjoyable.
    April 21 at 5:05PM
    kamacosmic: Thanks guys. oh man my interent is not gonna function for about 1-2 weeks so i may not be responding or visiting the site until it gets fixed. prob in may itl be good and il log on again. peace peeps!
    April 24 at 8:41PM
    Zoran: Nice job! great music, lyrics and vocals. Your music is HQ recorded and that`s adding a lot to the pleasure of listening.
    April 25 at 4:18AM
    loveth: hello
    my name is loveth i m single seeking for good friendship after viewing your profile here at this site so i decided to contact you i want you to be my friend and also i would like to know more about you it will be a pleasure to read from you if you wouldnt mind you can email me in private at so that i can reply you and also tell you more about me and send my piture to you i will be expecting your mail soon kiss with love your new lovely friend loveth sonoma
    April 29 at 5:55PM

kamacosmic: Hi

Im new to this site but im in a cool band called Kamacosmic. Theres 3 of us in the band at the moment but we got a drummer and guitarist, rapper and vocalist. We use computer tech if we need other instruments and we just love producing original songs pertaining to rock and sometimes rap and reggae mixes into the flavour. But mostly on alternative rock.

March 20 at 6:13AM
    ToneKuiper: Congrats on song of the month! I had to read through the reviews and it was all very consistent. Great job y'all!
    April 9 at 7:20PM
    kamacosmic: Thanks ToneKuiper but it's really no big deal. I love your style of music. I wish I could be as original as your stuff. You should really follow through and push it.
    April 11 at 7:27AM


None yet.
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