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Location: Uniontown/pittsburgh
Gender: Male
Born: 11-20-88
Interests: music,family,money
Member: Standard
Joined: March 2012
INFORMATION you can follow me on twitter at @gunner724..a young rap artist coming from Uniontown pennsylvania giving you real life situations... everyday struggles and nothing but the real on every track. If you coming from the bottom trying to make it to the top then i know you can relate to my music. Lost my bro when I was 15 he was 16 became a man after that he left his little daughter and i gotta son so im doing what i can to leave a good life ahead for them.take a journey with me thru good times bad times hard times and everything else im goin thru
One life to live gotta get it how you live
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Sajeel Kapoor
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Sajeel Kapoor
gunner: New song check it out
August 8 at 11:45AM

gunner: New song check out let me know what yall think
July 15 at 1:41PM

gunner: Only thing im trying to do is make a better way
March 26 at 6:28PM

gunner: New song called "get mine" bump this for me let me know what up
March 24 at 10:17AM

gunner: Another track added..for those who have friends thier always look out for no matter what
March 23 at 6:32PM

gunner: Posted a new track club banger check it out
March 23 at 12:51PM

gunner: The next song a put out gone give you some of my life not dealing wit the ladies but its still real
March 22 at 7:49AM

gunner: Another song for the fellas thats tired of a girl and the way she acts check it out
March 22 at 7:48AM

gunner: New song for ya'll called wonder why check it out let me know how you feel
March 21 at 10:51PM

gunner: Posted a new song called she know she fly let me know what yall think
March 21 at 8:22AM

gunner: Music means less to me with out a story behind it. and I got a story to tell
March 20 at 6:59PM

gunner: Another track uploaded today hope yall like it let me know what you think..
March 20 at 11:45AM

gunner: New track added today look forward to hearing feedback good or bad
March 19 at 12:24PM

gunner: What up world its your boy gunner checkin in just posted my first song on here check it out
March 18 at 6:54PM


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