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Location: East Coast, U.S.
Gender: Male
Born: 1977
Interests: Music, painting, drawing, all instruments, my Christine
Member: Standard
Joined: March 2012
First, and most importantly: all of the tracks on my profile come from a work I've been in the process of completing for nearly four years now, in entirety: "In Amorata", a story of love, Fate, madness, music, obsession, the nature of dreams and what truly makes 'reality'. You love the epic stories of star-and-world-crossed lovers, but do the stories ever really change? Or are they all simply the same story, trying so hard to set things right... the way they were meant to be?

But "In Amorata" is unique in that instead of simply an opera or operetta(or musical), and instead of a display of magic, the piece fuses together the music and intensity of a stage production with the splendor and astonishment of classic, grand-scale illusion... wound into and around the plot, drawing the audience in and keeping them expecting the next amazement, whether large or small. "Making opera 'cool'..."

Part homage, part autobiography, part myth and part re-telling, the piece wanders into the dark lands of prejudice and passion and fear, memory and mob mentality, and the very nature of reality itself - what is fact, and what is fiction? What is Fate? And how can you truly be sure?

I've been told that together, my wife and I do have several things that might make an original trademark, when put together: a sort of 'hook' that makes us unique. First off, in addition to a composer and performer, I am also a working magician(The Svengali Phantom) who gives both street and stage shows. I have done town events, Elks' Club events, parties, cabarets, and nearly every summer we perform on the downtown street three or four days a week.

I have had high cheers from a show filled with children; I've also done escapism and illusions that appeal to older audiences as well. (The local paper even went so far as to put out a feature article, in 2010.)

As far as I have been able to tell, no one has successfully done anything of the sort before - I've seen music in magic shows, etc. - which makes "In Amorata" a potentially huge groundbreaking entertainment.

And with the "modern" tag added to the word, the opera is not your ancient classic; you are just as likely to hear an electric guitar in the score as you are to hear a full orchestra.

Truthfully, I really believe that fans of all genres of music should be able to find something in "In Amorata" they enjoy... which seems to say a lot about its universality. Certainly the few people who have heard samples have been unanimously supportive.
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Haris Secerovic
ThePhantom: Holy dear God, the picture of the raven for my reviewer rank? Is IDENTICAL to the tattoo I have on my left collarbone, that I've had for what, fifteen, sixteen years? The raven has ever been my totem, I had it done in the American Southwest whilst among my wanderings... Boulder, Colorado, to be exact. And now here is this icon that looks so very, very similar... Fate, kismet, timing, Destiny?

Please pray, send good thoughts, whatever have you, for Christine. She has lost HUGE portions of what very little was left of her vision just over the last several days... we may be going to Boston for emergency surgery Monday, God willing. I myself am still quite ill - God, sometimes it seems so hard - but she is my Christine and I will be by her side no matter what. Hoping, praying, that we get through this...
March 9 at 10:26PM

ThePhantom: I had emergency abdominal surgery yesterday to remove my gallbladder. Perhaps not surprisingly, I feel like absolute hell. And yet... here I still am.

Perhaps not surprisingly.
February 21 at 7:35PM
    pmalman: be well
    February 22 at 1:20PM
    ThePhantom: Thank you! The pain is pretty persistent, but I'm doing the best I can...
    February 23 at 5:53AM
    ViRal: yo thanks for your comment on my
    song Bedroom bully .bless
    February 23 at 7:32PM
    ThePhantom: Definitely welcome! I'll look for you on Facebook, IN AMORATA has its own page: HTTP://WWW.Facebook. com/theghostslovestory
    February 24 at 8:44AM
    February 24 at 8:45AM
    vanirof: how are you feeling?
    March 2 at 8:08AM
    ThePhantom: Eh. Not so great, but thank you... I'm still around...
    March 2 at 10:38AM

ThePhantom: For the first time, I've uploaded something that ISN'T from IN AMORATA... at least, in its current format. Heh. It was written as a gift to my godmother on her birthday, and the feeling was strong enough that I wanted to share it.
February 12 at 10:55PM

ThePhantom: Uploaded the new, re-worked and re-arranged version of "Live Without You". Please check it out! (See the song Notes for more information.)
February 4 at 2:56AM

ThePhantom: Loving some of the music I'm reviewing here. This has always been my dream; to be able to share my music - and to hear other artists' music - from a distance. And now I have that opportunity. Thank you to all the wonderful musicians and reviewers.
January 30 at 9:46PM


I wish I had something to celebrate with!!
January 20 at 5:00AM

ThePhantom: Act I is nearly finished with the re-working!
January 3 at 3:59PM

ThePhantom: Here I am, again! And with more from IN AMORATA trembling on my fingers. I have GOT to make sure this stays up and running, no MATTER the circumstance...
October 1 at 8:05AM

ThePhantom: Back!! New music coming.
August 1 at 5:04AM

ThePhantom: I'm still here! My membership expired during the time of insanity these last weeks have been - Christine was ill and had several seizures, and our finances have been hell. But as of next week, the portfolio will be up and running once more... hopefully with new pieces added to the repertoire. Stay with us; have faith.
July 25 at 1:30AM

ThePhantom: Uploaded the new, re-recorded and remixed version of "JOSANNA". This is a THOUSAND times better than the original mix, and I am incredibly happy to have taken the time to redo it. Have a listen...
May 7 at 4:12AM

ThePhantom: I am so pleased with the reception that "Nocturne, Angelus(The Invocation)" has gotten so far; Christine and I both think it's the best piece yet from the IN AMORATA score. Certainly I was compelled by it while writing it, and heard it in my head, but I never imagined I'd get so close to the way I imagined it. Luck, with the mix - I am not a technological musician, it's after my time. *laughs.* But we got lucky... and I am thrilled.
May 5 at 5:39AM

ThePhantom: Selections from "In Amorata" now posted!
April 30 at 7:57AM
    freezerbeef: I'm glad you have your own stash of images. the default pictures simply would not do for your work!
    February 11 at 9:03AM
    freezerbeef: hey! my father was a magician! radical.
    February 11 at 9:04AM
    sowjicse58: even my gall bladder was also removed,i can understand how it pains,take care of your health,all the best for your bright future.
    March 12 at 10:53PM


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Inside Your Heart reached "Recognized" status.
February 22 at 2:07AM
Ruthless Refrain finished second in the contest "Classical Music Contest"
February 18 at 12:08AM
Nocturne, Angelus(The Invocation) reached "Recognized" status.
January 20 at 10:07AM

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