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Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Gender: Male
Born: October 18, 1985
Member: Standard
Joined: March 2012
Born Jonathan Vanderwood on October 18th, 1985; Eddie Nile fell in love with music at an early age.
Over the years, he developed his own vocal styling with various garage band projects; but the maturity he was looking for didn't come until he spent time exploring the eastern Canadian coast.
Eddie's music is greatly influenced by his time spent hitchhiking as a teenager.
You can see this influence portrayed as a mesh of country, Celtic, and folk music.
Watch your mouth, kid. Or you'll find yourself floating home.
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Robert Brooks
EddieNile: Started work on new song. Will hopefully be posted by the end of the week.
September 21 at 8:21AM

EddieNile: Cleaned up Last Train Out, changed name to Last Train.
September 19 at 8:24PM

EddieNile: Re-recording of Last Train Out will commence shortly. New recording will include both guitar tracks, properly mixed vocals, and I won't be sick while recording it.
September 18 at 10:15AM

EddieNile: It seems I forgot to finish the equalization process on Last Train Out... Whoops.
April 22 at 1:26AM


None yet.
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