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Location: Freekville
Gender: Male
Born: 1988
Interests: Writing, music, drugs, females
Member: Standard
Joined: March 2012
Beware the Vicious Green Monster! I write in free verse and there's alway's a rythm. I say what I got to say in 2:00 or less. My weapon of choice is a 5 piece TAMA set, two cymbals, hi-hat. 4 harmonicas A,E,F,G. A keyboard and a ZOOM 16 Multi-trak recorder. Oh, and a guitar I like to make noise with.
Green is the color of genuises lizards and money
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Johnny Gora
Aung Du
ViciousGreenMonster: I like drugs
June 24 at 11:18AM

ViciousGreenMonster: If music ever had rules they have been broken and it's beautiful.
June 24 at 11:14AM

ViciousGreenMonster: Alright ya'll, It's about time I came out with something new for the ears. I've been in a fog theses last two years and it has finally cleared. I let drugs get in the way. A moment of clarity shined its way through. Now I'm more focused than ever and sharper. With the help of my band mate and friend Kyle who never gave up on me, I know whats most important, our music. Thank you Kyle for helping me realize I was never alone. New material is coming soon. Thank you for the patience.
May 29 at 12:32AM

ViciousGreenMonster: I think Chris is dead. Judging by our general lifestyles, it wouldn't surprise me. I'll write some stuff to honor his memory on the off-chance he passed out for the last time. I'll also ingest copious amounts of border-line safe chemicals to insure the market doesn't collapse. To collective pains and cures, chills and sweats, life and death, a visionary without vision; to Chris!
December 18 at 10:09AM

ViciousGreenMonster: I been up 3 nights. Don't look me in the eyes. One's red. One's white. Turn off the lights.
May 18 at 4:29AM

    Hi dear.
    My name is jovita,i came here to search for a friend, Do you care to be my friend? if yes, email me at ( so that i can give you my pictures and tell you more about me
    Thanks, your new friend
    June 6 at 9:43AM
    Stringbeing: Came in looking for "blue bird".. is it around? and yeah, I heard of the cramps... it's how girls used to get out of physical ed. I imagine they still do.
    July 9 at 2:07AM

ViciousGreenMonster: Kyle on Fire on Keys
April 26 at 2:47PM

ViciousGreenMonster: Has anybody here heard of The Cramps?
April 7 at 2:16PM

ViciousGreenMonster: Has anybody here heard of The Cramps?
April 7 at 2:16PM

ViciousGreenMonster: I eat punx like you
April 3 at 6:12PM

ViciousGreenMonster: Working on a blues song.
March 30 at 3:17AM
    Zoran: Can`t wait to hear it :)
    April 26 at 5:25PM
    loveth: hello
    my name is loveth i m single seeking for good friendship after viewing your profile here at this site so i decided to contact you i want you to be my friend and also i would like to know more about you it will be a pleasure to read from you if you wouldnt mind you can email me in private at so that i can reply you and also tell you more about me and send my piture to you i will be expecting your mail soon kiss with love your new lovely friend loveth sonoma
    April 29 at 6:16PM


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