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Rob Rideout
Location: Colville, WA
Gender: Male
Born: March 20, 1949
Interests: cats, music, spirituality
Member: Standard
Joined: March 2012
Singer/songwriter Rob Rideout is the inspirational author of the award winning book "Still Singing, Somehow" and lives on a farm with his three cats Baba, Maya and Olive overlooking Colville, WA. Rob has lived many lifetimes and lifestyles in one incarnation.

He has experienced foreign travel in nineteen countries, lived over a decade in the woods on 12 volts, played music professionally for twenty-eight years, has chanted bhajans three decades, attended India's Kumbha Mela festival with ten million holy men, and managed to survive and keep a positive attitude through two divorces, death of his sister, mother and father, house fire, tragic accidents, overcoming alcoholism and finally prison for a felony DUI. However, Rob used his prison time wisely to get well and write his story for his son, which seven years later with many re-writes became his book.

After all he has been through, he sees a positive way to look at every moment, no matter what is happening. The choice is always ours to make.

Rob recently published a second book of poetry, based on his song lyrics entitled Still Singing, Somehow - The Songs. His CD of nearly thirty years worth of original songs was released in the spring of 2011. These songs accompany his memoir, an odyssey of one soul's karma.
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Rob Rideout: I have a new video on YouTube under "Everything Speaks To Me" or my name. Please check it out!
November 4 at 6:18PM
    pmalman: I love this video!!!
    You have many different songs. They are about pain, struggle, love and live experience. But I am personally like your optimistic songs like this one. They are very inspirational for me.
    November 6 at 9:13AM

Rob Rideout: I'm not on this site much any more, as I don't have any more recorded songs to share, until I can afford to record more. I have many more songs, just no money!
July 25 at 10:36AM

Rob Rideout: Musicians beware of an agent named Joseph Nicoletti, out of Laguna Beach, CA. He is a scammer who I am dealing with presently. He charged me $575 for 2 ASCAP licenses that only cost $70 total online!
June 6 at 4:50PM

Rob Rideout: To see me play live my new songs,paste this into your browser!
April 2 at 11:52PM

Rob Rideout: One reviewer here tagged me as the Captain of Cliche! There is a lot of truth, sadly, in that statement, but sometimes cliches have commercial value in lyrics if you're trying to reach a broader audience. I kind of like my new title!
March 23 at 12:47PM
    ToneKuiper: I think cliches really are what songs are all about. Cliches are a common feeling, all phrased up, like poetry. How different is from a song?
    April 9 at 2:06PM
    harderj74: It's fun to play with cliches....that's what writing in general is all about, especially songwriting.
    April 15 at 1:45PM

Rob Rideout: To all of the reviewers who like my songs, if you would please give my CD a review on Amazon, that would be sweet! You've heard all 12 songs off of my CD "Still Singing, Somehow" right here, so please help me out if you can.
March 18 at 8:35PM

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