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Location: Houston Tx.
Gender: Male
Interests: GOD, family, guitar
Member: Standard
Joined: March 2012
self taught guitar, started learning guitar at 8 yrs. of age, I have taught guitar for the last 15 yrs. havent played out since 05 in Houston.
intelligence among the ignorant is like a beautiful woman among blind men
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philt: I am also a fan of Stevie Ray Vaughan R.I.P., Gary Moore R.I.P. and Joe Satriani ,
March 29 at 5:50PM
    Strontonio: Great song,Misty Blue, wonderful playing. You have your own style, I like it. Strontonio
    June 13 at 11:42AM
    Birdman54: Hey Phil I'm a fan your playing and writing is very nice. Sure would like to throw down your drum tracks!! Brother we'd rock!! Hope to hear from you and hear more playing good job my frien.. Hope you are doing well!
    Mark Birdwell/Birdman
    July 3 at 8:46PM
    philt: Hey Mark, that sounds good, but the only problem is I now live in Bryan, maybe you could take a little road trip and come stay for a few days, we moved here so lauren will be starting A&M college in August
    July 4 at 8:21PM
    Strontonio: Great music Phil. Hope to see you playing in public soon. Our country is ready for good music again.
    March 4 at 10:40AM
    philt: AMEN to that Strontonio
    March 5 at 5:50PM
    Strontonio: Phil,
    As I recall, you played in Houston some years ago, how did that go for you,I'm sure you did well. You were wanting to start up a band again, I wish I could play, I'd be glad to play in your band as good as you are.
    Good luck in the future with your great music. Strontonio
    March 6 at 6:11PM
    philt: Thanks for the kind input Strontonio, I haven't played out since 05 in Houston and I'm kind of retired now and now live in Bryan Tx. and my daughter is attending A&M and your right I have decided to try and put another band together but I'm having trouble finding some real muscians here in this town, it sure would be a lot easier back in Houston. Who knows, maybe somebody off this site could contact me, I would really like to put a smoking hot Texas blues band with a hard edge rock sound together. Well if you can't play maybe you can sing, in my first band I had one my guitar students playing rhythm for me and it worked out pretty good, we were headlining at Cardis in Houston one of the biggest clubs in town, well I've got another blues tune to put on here called Texas Slow Burn, but I can't put it on till next week, hope you like it and everyone else on here, will catch you later.
    March 6 at 11:58PM


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